[REPORT] JULY Monthly Report-IIMG

Hello NEARians,

Project Name: Indian Indie Music Guild ( what is IIMG? )

Project status: In progress

Report duration: July 2022

DAO: iimg.sputnik-dao.near

@shivangarora - Co-Founder, Council
@niveditalakra - Co-Founder, Council
avantinagral.near - Council (@avantinagral)
@officialtarana - Council (@komorebi.music)
oshojain.near - Council (@oshojain_)

We are very grateful that you have approved our Proposal and so we are going to present our Report for the month of July.

The month of July was focused on NFT education and community building through offline and online events.

Activities in July -

  1. Instagram live session “Let’s talk about music NFTs and Web3” on July 1

  1. NFT workshop on Zoom for the IIMG community on July 2


  1. Grand announcement of scholarship winners on July 4

    1) Suneet Rawat
    2) Aanshika

  1. Announced and promoted the IIMG offline NFT workshop July 9 to July 16

  1. IIMG NFT Education and Onboarding workshop on July 16

Wallets created : 50
NFTs minted : 20

  1. DAO creation : July 28


  1. Release of funds to winners : July 31



  1. Social media posts and reels with paid promo throughout July for community building, reach and education.

Our strategies:

  • We have planned to host many more mega events in collaboration with the indie music communities all across the country to get better traction of artists from different genres and age groups. The events will include NFT edcuation and onboarding.

  • We will host live events and encourage our community to participate and collaborate with each other to create more music NFTs.

  • We are also exploring NFT ticketing for some online and offline live events with established Indian indie artists.

  • We have collaborated with Indian indie music communities to offer NFT rewards and free onboarding, to get more artists into the ecosystem.

Next steps:

  • Building our social community and engaging them with various activities.
  • Encouraging our community artists to mint their entire discographies as music NFTs.
  • Exploring creative uses of the NFT technology.

We hope this gives a clear picture of what we have been working on and what we still intend to do in the music NFT ecosystem. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you!

Everyone is welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

S/o to @Monish016 and KalakendraDAO for their support on this project.