[APPROVED] Indian Indie Music Guild

Indian Indie Music Guild : Proposal + Community Weekly Update

Hey everyone, greetings from IIMG, hope all of you NEARians had a great week :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a link to our Introduction post :

We’re extending IIMG to be a healthy community to nurture emerging artists. Our vision includes educating artists about the Web3 ecosystem and about various aspects of the independent music industry, and encourage them to participate in a variety of performance-oriented online and offline events. We’ve planned artist mental health, marketing and artist resources workshops to help emerging artists smoothly navigate their way into the industry, along with providing them with gateways into the Web3 world.

Our team has spent this week on setting up the IIMG Council and building the social media pages for the guild.


Shivang Arora: Co-founder/Administration (https://www.instagram.com/shivang.wav/) @shivangarora

Nivedita Lakra: Co-founder/Administration (https://www.instagram.com/niveditalakraa/)

Flueeed: Community Manager/Social Media (https://www.instagram.com/flueeedbeats/) @Flueeed

We are pleased to have support from KalakendraDAO


Social Media:

Instagram: instagram.com/theiimguild

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theiimguild

In this post, we have added the details of our first proposal

  • Guild name: Indian Indie Music Guild
  • Funding scheme: Monthly

Requested Budget :

• Artist Scholarship – Two Indie Artists to be funded for the month of June. The scholarship will be used by artists for various activities like marketing or music videos based on their needs. It will be different for each artist. We, as a guild, would just be awarding them the scholarship to recognise their talent and help them with their music. Once that is done, we’ll empower them to mint those songs and music videos as $NEAR NFTs : $1000 USD ($500 each)

• AstroDAO creation + DAO Funds : $100

• NFT Rewards - Giveaways in the form of NFTs and minting : $100

• Online event with established indie musician - Includes Web3 education for creators as well as collectors : $100

• NEAR + Music NFT AMA in North India : $200

  • NEAR Drop - Creation of atleast 100 wallets : $80

  • Venue : $120

Total: $1500

Goals for the month of June:

  1. To fund two Indie musician for the month of June
  2. Start a Telegram channel for IIMG council and members
  3. To grow the community to 1000+ members: Discord, Instagram and Twitter
  4. Live sessions on Discord, Twitter Spaces and Instagram: 1 session with an indie artist weekly
  5. AMA sessions: 2 sessions in June


  • Monthly artist scholarship; to be decided through council vote
  • Web3 education workshops for Indian indie artists
  • Discord open mics and Twitter spaces with guest artists, coupled with Web3 education to onboard potential NFT collectors
  • Artist mental health workshops with established guest artists
  • Artist resources and marketing workshops
  • AMA sessions

Great to meet one more music project here!
Would you like to participate in Metaverse Awarding party that we’ll perform on the end of our NFT-contest with UniqArt? :slight_smile:


Will support this Initiative :heart: goodluck Bro


Would love to see Indie Artists minting NFTs on UniqArt!

We have a bunch of music NFTs on the platform and would be pleased to help out :slight_smile:

Good luck with your proposal!


That sounds like a great idea @johanga
Let’s get in touch @shivangarora if you’d be interested


That sounds amazing! Let’s discuss this. I’ll DM you.

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Thank you! Glad to have your support :heart:


Thank you! It would be a pleasure to work with UniqArt :smile:

Yes! We’ll definitely get in touch

As a music producer myself I am very proud to be a part of this initiative . :pleading_face: :heart:


Glad to have you onboard!! :heart:

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We are happy to Support IIMG through KalakendraDAO


Thank you so much! Your support really means a lot. So grateful :heart:

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I am Happy to Support you !!

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Happy to be a part of this :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Welcome to IIMG and the NEAR family :clinking_glasses:

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