Introducing the NEAR Hub DAO



@jefedeoro - jeffgold.near
@orztirrstudio - orztirrstudio.near
@chronear - chro.near

Astro-DAO address: nearhub-dao.sputnik-dao.near

About the team:

Jeff is a veteran in the crypto industry. He is a Dapp and blockchain developer apart from being an acclaimed electronic music producer for more than 20 years.

Nick is a project manager and video producer for the Human Guild apart from being a professional sculpture artist and video producer for more than 10 years.

chronear is the Guild leader for the NIA and all three members are active contributors in the NEAR ecosystem.

About the project:

NEARHub aims to be the starting point of the NEAR community’s journey into the NEARverse. It will be a community-driven project built to provide an immersive virtual experience to the NEAR community. We plan to make DApp interactions more fun and engaging for users by giving them the opportunity to hang out with friends, build networks, and express themselves creatively during the process.

Imagine being able to walk around in a metaverse and having your favourite NEARPunk as your avatar or meeting NEARchan at a park. NEARHub is our rendition of “NEARverse” and an attempt to bring the term to life… literally!

Goals and Objectives:

Our primary goal will be to onboard new users and making the Hub a portal to everything in the NEAR ecosystem. We will achieve this by creating an immersive virtual environment and making the web-3 experience more fun for the NEAR community by leveraging the various projects in the NEAR ecosystem.

Bringing more inventive use cases and engagement to community initiatives and more wallet transactions on the network.

Following are some of the ways we plan to achieve this:

  1. Experimenting with new ways for people to interact with NEAR DApps.
  2. Instead of people having to click on standard web-2 interfaces, we will connect users with NEAR DApps in a more immersive and intuitive manner by delivering a metaverse experience to the everyday user, where they can enjoy all that NEAR has to offer.
  3. Building a virtual mall with everything NEAR, as well as native virtual hangout zones, office spaces and venues for events from community fairs, contests, Guild meetups, project specific events etc. From stand-up comedy to music shows and from NFT exhibitions to private meetings - NEAR Hub will offer something for everyone in the ecosystem.
  4. Developing a seamless NFT minting, shopping, and trading mechanism in the metaverse to demonstrate the ease of doing it all on NEAR.
  5. Collaborating with NEAR ecosystem projects to build innovative user experiences and solutions for the community - Gaming, DeFi, NFTs, Edutainment etc.
  6. Building virtual infrastructure and sandboxes for creators to enable them to foster communities and generate revenue while rewarding their patrons.

We appreciate all the support and invite everyone to connect with us, we don’t have a dedicated social media presence yet but we will post all updates in due time!

Thank you!


Amazing work guys! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak from @chronear in the early stages of NEAR Hub and the progress is very exciting! I can’t wait to see how it evolves

Wen launch party? :partying_face:


Thank you @royo it was a pleasure hosting you, can’t wait to show you around again and build a virtual 4NTS HQ in NEAR Hub!


Sounds Great. I do think it is very important indeed to expand the possibilities of internal/external communication regarding NEAR. To engage interaction as well. Can’t wait to join :pray:


Will be happy to host you anytime, let’s connect! :pray:t3:

thinking need to visit this page again and again for updates

I can imagine!!! Hehehe so awesome !!! I will have an AMA/Instsgram Live about Metaverse with

So I will mention you guys, this project.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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