[INTRO] Genorati.com | AI-generated NFTs and Marketplace for NEAR

Hi everyone. I’m happy to announce that I’m starting a new project on NEAR at genorati.com.

What is genorati.com?
Genorati lets you create AI-generated art by entering text and then lets you mint and list the NFT on our marketplace.

What is this similar to?
Hotpot is pretty neat and is similar in style to what we want to do

When is this live?
I just registered the domain yesterday and I’m going to build a team (ideally of in-residence people) of Designers and Developers to bring this project to reality. I’m hoping to launch the closed beta in mid-February

Can I sell what gets generated?
Yes! We will have a full NFT marketplace so that you can make, mint, sell and trade your generated NFTs

Can I print the NFT?
Yes! Using AI (see this), we can offer you a method to make the NFT print-compatible.

Who owns the NFT?
You do! Once you use genorati.com to produce the NFT, and you mint and place it in your NEAR wallet, you own it.

Will there be a cost to create the NFT?
The only fees you would need to pay are the gas fees. I may consider charging a small fee for server maintenance and to offset the cost of continuing to develop the app.

Who is Mayur?
I have recently been approved as an EiR (Entrepreneur in residence) and looking to build a lot of interesting projects on NEAR (more here). I’m a 20 year veteran of Tech, have a few years in Blockchain, and have past experience as a DAO core member of BlockBusterDAO and RocketBUSD. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn


This project could be done through OWS too @FritzWorm


Hello Mayur, I will recommend you to choose one of your projects first and start with it :vulcan_salute:

And for this project I can help you with Tenkbay, reach me there TENK Bay | NEAR

Cheers :beers:

Yes, definitely. I actually do have a specific plan and will share more about that soon

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Grace Helbig Wow GIF by This Might Get

Starting to shape the idea out: genorati.com -

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See project document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AjFzUnE4pjgEHVdjFUmQbHISV5P5xNATZMu9uKRUfZk/edit?usp=sharing

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NEW: Join our Discord server: Genorati.com

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