GenaDrop Update

Hello NEAR fam!

We are proud to announce on you can on MAINNET

  • Create generative collections
  • Mint generative collections on Aurora
  • Mint 1 of 1 NFTs, Proof of Vibes, Proof of Sesh, Shorts, Bereal style “Double takes”, Gif based Shorts, and Photos on BOTH Aurora & NEAR
  • List, delist, and sell Aurora NFTs on Marketplace section


  • Generative mints on NEAR
  • Listing on NEAR
  • Soul Bound NFTs (Non-Transferable NFTs) on Aurora
  • Ability to mint to another address on on NEAR & Aurora
  • Minting your tweets on Aurora & NEAR

If you need funds for minting, want us to integrate a use case, or have any community recommendations, feel free to comment or DM us on twitter at @minorityprogram or @genadrop


testnet, mint to another address, deploying to mainnet soon


Now mint to another address has been live btw. Will update with Ai art generation is coming soon.

Also you can mint your tweets on mainnet with all essential information in the Metadata. GenaDrop: No-Code Generative NFT creator, minter, & marketplace

AI art generation is live GenaDrop: No-Code Generative NFT creator, minter, & marketplace here, also Wallet Selector has been integrated with myNEARWallet, Meteor and HERE Support. Working on listing to multiple NEAR Marketplaces