[INTRO] Decentralized Brewing Co

Hi everyone! I am the Head Brewer at Decentralized Brewing Co.

Since February this year we have been quietly building a community brewery on the NEAR blockchain and now its time to introduce the project to the wider community.

As owner of a real world microbrewery and farm in Italy and interested in crypto since 2017, i decided to combine these two passions to create something i call #digitalbeerlabels.

Traditional beer labels, as well as cans and bottles, have been a ‘thing’ for collectors for many years… but i wanted to create something cutting edge, a hybrid physical / digital label that would showcase the best of blockchain, nfts and webAR.

The brewery started by creating virtual beer labels and minting them as NFTs on the Paras platform https://paras.id/dbrewco.near/collectibles and we now have nearly 20 different beer label artworks.

As the brewery project has grown, i decided to mint OWNER NFTs - virtual shares that have now all been sold… big thanks to you guys! This is the first step in governance and the brewery will be transitioning to a DAO structure in the near future.

We had been discussing brewing a real beer and the announcement of the NEARCON event in Portugal seemed like too good an opportuntiy to miss!

The brewery is pround to announce that we have shipped 144 cans of NEAR BEER to the event. More details of where and when participants will be able to get their hands on these beers to follow.

A big thanks to @sashahudzilin and Human Guild for agreeing to fund the costs (225 NEAR) of this exciting first step in creating real world NEAR branded products.


Amazing to see an intro post for this @cryptocredit :tada:

This is one of my FAVOURITE projects in the space! Definitely need to get my hands on one of those beers and the labels are :clap:

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Excellent! Excited to see this develop! Great Intro post @cryptocredit :rocket: