Inaccurate token data feed of Near protocol DEXs to Gecko Terminal - Coingecko/Coinmarketcap

Hi guys,

I’d like to raise an issue I noticed related to the informational feed from Near protocol DEXs to Gecko terminal on Coingecko.

On Gecko Terminal which aggregates all the token information such as token liquidity from all the dexs on each network, it doesn’t have Near protocol listed as a network.

Therefore all the information related to liquidity of tokens held on Near DEXs does not feed through to each token specific page. So if we were to look at the information about Meta Pool for example, the information about liquidity is taken from the Aurora info, which is only a small portion of the circulating supply of Meta given that it does not include the stNear/Meta LP on Ref Finance.

This means there is inaccurate information on Coingecko about every token/coin that is held in LPs on Near DEXs. It appears the information is the same for Coinmarketcap too.

How do we go about solving this given it’s significant impact on the space?


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Yeah i agree with u that on a project level Ref finance and other native DEXs on NEAR need to have more presence on aggregated site like this, will bring this up to the ref devs and see what we can do about it

If we have new updates/ changes u would be the first one to hear about it chief ^^

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Great thanks for the response Larry.

Yes I think it would be important to understand why this is the case, not just for Ref, but for all the other prospective DEX that are looking to launch like Tonic, SpinFi, Jump…

Is it a tech issue I saw someone mention on Near social that it may be due to Near not being EVM compatible but if that is the case surely there is another fix to supply those sites with as up to date info as possible?

It would be great if this could be solved as I believe it is an important factor people consider would looking to purchase a token, whether there is sufficient liquidity if they want to sell at a stage in the future.