[Report Week 3] Near peer to peer (P2P) DaPP NEAR-DEx

In reference to our proposal, mentioned here:

The progress of the week, starting on Monday 12/27:

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian

Project members
Andrés Dominguez @andresdom
Maria Eugenia Arevalo @Developer
Gabriel Pérez @Gperez

Front End (Vue.js)

Query the cost of NEAR price to USDT, using the Binance Api, V1, 24H, Get Historical transactions of current logged user. This data should be only related to P2P transactions.


Lock balance for pending transactions, unlock balance for finished transactions.
CRUD transactions (Create, Read, Update, Delete), information about merchants offers in reference to buy or sell (NEAR/FIAT).


Loggin chat with NEAR account, without using any google account. This will generate a json file in firebase, that will be record in a smart contract.


I look forward to see the DEMO play the next week ! :star_struck:

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