[PROPOSAL] Swapping on NEAR

Product name: Boomswap
Project webpage:app.boomswap.io
Product orientation: Hope to make a next generation DEX on NEAR ecology, which could make transactions through Rainbow Bridge more easily.
Product description: As Uniswap has become the most typical one on Ethereum, which help millions of guys make exchanges crazily, we try to think about how to build a similarly popular decentralized exchange on NEAR, especially can bridge to Aurora and help transfer asset easily. Boomswap also provides liquidity mining, and around AMM liquidity mining itself to improve innovation to reduce the risk of impermanence loss.
NFT is becoming prevalent on every blockchain including NEAR protocol, and there are lots of Dapps built based on NFT, like paras, mintbase and so on. We come up with an idea about making NFT fragmentization and launching tokens for each NFT to circulate on Boomswap, and guys who possessing such tokens can have an priority to liquidity mine and vote for usage of the NFT
This project is trying to build a infrastructure for prosperous ecology on NEAR protocol.
Project member:zhien.near
project presentation.pptx (2.6 MB)
video demo——https://youtu.be/PP7PQxJv7Dw
Github adress——boomswap · GitHub


Seems like a great project, but I am unsure where you meant to submit this. Was this meant for the hackathon?

Yes,it’s for the hackathon. And we hope to make a contribution for NEAR ecology.

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Which topic for the hackathon were you hoping to submit to? “Createbase” is not a correct category for this post. I am seeing here that you are hoping to make a DEX platform, would this be to support the web3 community potentially in the social tokens category? (The purpose of the hackathon is to solve problems for creatives, and their communities, in the web3 space)

Yes, we have submitted this project, which would support the web3 community in the social tokens category. And we hope to embrace NEAR and Aurora ecology.

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And we have deployed it on Aurora, but we can’t add liquidity in our Boomswap. How can we solve this problem?

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Zhien, it was awesome to see this running. For your liquidity problem, have you spoken with anyone in Telegram: Contact @auroraisnear ?

Not yet, but we will start to communicate with others in Telegram right now. Thanks so much. It’s still a prototype now, we hope to make it more convenient and available for users on Aurora and NEAR. :raised_hands:

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