[PROPOSAL] Near peer to peer (P2P) DaPP NEAR-Dex


It’s all about to create a Peer to Peer (P2P) DAPP to allow change your’s NEAR tokens in a easy, secure and fast way.

A Decentralized Wallet that will provide P2P like Binance or Airtm where you can change your available Crypto’s in local money, fiat, other cryptos. Using your services online that are available already.

The idea is similiar to our friend @FritzWorm NearWalletDapp.

Issue & Solution :thinking:

At the moment people ask where they can change their NEAR and do not get a way to do it quickly and transparently.

This P2P feature will ease the process where people come into crypto, will help them in daily basic sending money/remittances and NEAR protocol will get a lot of transactions and volume helping REF Finance with liquidity from investors that will come with the mass adoption.

The process

We must take into account several points of utmost importance that will guarantee the security and transparency of the portal.

  1. User reputation.
  2. The use of KYT (know your transaction). Is more about banks / financial institutions having a complete granular data centric information about the transactions done by the customer.
  3. The use of KYC (Know your client). Are a set of standards used within the investment and financial services industry to verify customers, their risk profiles, and financial profile.
  4. Smart contract to guarantee the transparency of each request.
  5. Broker Near account that will be responsible for showing the available balance.
  6. There will be a maximum amount of transactions depending on the amounts to be mobilized.

User experience

  1. The user login into the near-dex, they can login using the near wallet account.
  2. Then, click on P2P going to the Offers. It is a search for offers of FIAT vs CRYPTO.
  3. The user can filter the available payment options like local bank, zelle, airtm, american bank, paypal, etc.
  4. In the list of offers you will see the minimum and maximum amounts per user additional to the reputation.
  5. Open new transaction and wait comunication via mail, chat and text messages.
  6. The user wait for that messages, check the deposit and close the transaction.
  7. Finally gives feedback on the transaction.
  8. The user can leave their available balance on the platform for future operations.

If the transaction does not culminate for any reason within the established time range, it will move to a mediation process where it is necessary to intervene to complete the process successfully and avoid any possibility of fraud.


Hey ! Awesome you take my IDEATION into account, here you will get help to start this project as a DiR

CC → @cloudmex-alan



Sounds awesome. I think there’s going to be a tonne of red tape and regulatory hurdles that would need to be overcome, particularly because you’re offering fiat.

Have you got funding for this? Might be a good one for the Grants - NEAR Foundation Grants


Thumbs up!
Why noone here thouht of this before? :thinking:

Binance still has suspended NEAR deposits.
So i imagined worst case scenario if most of exchange platforms would disrupt their work.

A DEX is a must have!


I did it like 6 months ago my friend, that is the IDEATION link on the forum:

I even create a Guild for that → Mineria Virtual you can check posts with this tag #mineria-virtual

It is on near.org/guilds


But we did not receive enough help to run/start that project. We did receive help last month thanks to @David_NEAR for other proposals that we are running now as NEAR VENEZUELA GUILD,
so we asked @simeon4real to take down the Mineria Virtual Guild, we did not have track for that so it really doesnt exist anymore.

We - from Venezuela - found several new developers and brought them in with the NCD L1 program, they finished and now we have them starting building ecosystem for NEAR, so there is a path we can take and I am sure we will manage to do that very important project with the NEAR community.


Hello @David_NEAR !

About the regulatory hurdles we #near-venezuela have had meetings with the legal guild @LegalGuild about the legal aspects and we already know the key points we have to work out.

Basically, this is a tool for and from the people, this tool has no jurisdiction like metapool, and the users will accept the dapp terms that implies that users are fully responsible for the legal status of their money and if they can or can not buy crypto.


Hey Team

What a nice idea and helpful solution for the economic crisis in countries that are experiencing a deep depreciation in their currency as we have an example of Venezuela. “Bolivar” doesn’t have any value internationally speaking and we need to quickly recur to convert our money into crypto.

I will support this idea as a helpful tool for those countries that will need it. It would definitely be a project with great international scope

Luis Aponte


Hey guys, did you already discussed this for DiR project with the NEAR Hispano guild?

If not please send me a DM to discord: alan777#5214


Sure I will contact you via discord.

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I love the idea of direct P2P wallet. We get to provide a simple UI to help mass adoption.


This is a very important topic. Current solutions (Binance P2P, Huobi P2P, Airtm) are either at the mercy of regulators and/or imposing somewhat high fees.

My favorite solution from a decentralization / crypto values point of view is BISQ (https://bisq.network/), but their main disadvantage is

  • the lack of liquidity for trades, what results in significant spread.
  • it only accepts BTC, no other digital assets supported.

Hello everyone! I heard about this project from an updates YT coming from Near Hispano, happy to see Venezuela on the map doing great work! Please note the legal status and potential risk with cryptoassets in Venezuela changes often, even tax-wise, so you may want to check-in with the LegalDAO on a monthly basis.

It would also be very beneficial if you can provide documentation from the LegalDAO that support the green-light on this one. It would also be great if you can provide a clearer picture of the mediation process in case of scams, fraud, etc. BTW, the platform, even though a DEX, should still be legally liable for any damages that may occur.

Someone has to be held accountable if things go south.
@David_NEAR @andresdom @FritzWorm .

This was reviewed on time, this project is being discussed from almost one year

This project is not Venezuela based, and is meant for the whole word

The platform will be not legally liable as it is an smart contract between you and another person you are deciding to use, so you will willingly use it accepting the conditions of it, being decentralized.

This will be shared when the time comes, sit tigh, many news to come :wink:
But basically, there is a signature that can resolve disputes, just like regular P2P services like BinanceP2P or Localbitcoins, so the legal nature of the project and the process will be similar, but your funds are never held by anyone else but the smart contract, and those funds can only return to you or go to the other party. And the dispute can be solved by a DAO full of several council members.

Thanks for your worry, if you want to contribute further you can join the group, we are finally launching very soon: Telegram: Contact @nearp2p

Thanks Fritz! I honestly like this idea and project, and should it work out, you can count me in as an end-user. However:

Still, everything crypto changes on a daily basis, so even though the project might have a long record, I’m just pointing out that you make it a priority to check at least monthly on the legal and regulatory aspects.

Yep, for sure it has international reach, I was just focusing on a particular scenario, like Venezuela, to raise awareness of any financial and regulatory hurdles you need to keep an eye out for.

Well… even AirTM understands that they have to step up if a problem arises as a way to protect their customers. Leaving out responsibility does not speak very highly of a platform when it comes to transparency and customer-centric focus (just my opinion).

… Honestly? If there’s a problem with my money I want quick resolution not a committee debating about it :smile: just my opinion.

Like I said, this is just my feedback about this project, that I would really see succeed! it is much needed as on/off ramp.

I am telling you this was already reviewed, that if you want to help more you can come to the the telegram group

And I already answer you that this will be managed just as Binance and Localbitcoins do it.

Because AirTM is the holder of the funds, this is a DEX, the holder is the smart contract you own

Then you can go use the centralized committee that centralized P2P business use, and they are the owners of the money because they have the keys

If you really want to help, you will be involved as I told you can be