[Ideation] One Hour of Web3 Code

One Hour of Web3 Code

The Problem:
Onboarding users in the web3 community and blockchain ecosystem is not an easy task.

The Solution: Education, Education & Education

For a community to adopt a technology, it must first understand it. In order to understand it, education plays a key role. Children are the ones who will use and adopt these future blockchain technologies, therefore education should be focused on them. In the learning coding community there are successfull projects such as One Hour of Code
Join the largest learning event in history, December 7-13, 2020 so the proposal is to replicate this experience.

Project summary:
A first approach of this project is to post in multiple social networks (both chain and off chain) blockchain concepts, where teachers, CEOs, artists worldwide could explain in 1 minute videos what this ecosystem complex concepts means.
For example concepts as:

  • What is a VR headset? What is a HMD? What are the differences between VR / AR and MR?*


  • What is a Blockchain ? What is Bitcoin ? What is Ethereum ? What is a Cryptocurrency ? What are the differences between NFT and ERC20? What is a NFT? or even What is a ERC721 Token?

Project Presentation
Project Video
Project Git Repo

author : aadorjan.near

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[ Project PresentationOne Hour of Web3 Code-4.pdf (111.5 KB) ]


Good stuff!

For your deck, it might be helpful to follow the Kawasaki “Only 10 Slides You Need” format. Do you have links to the social channels you mention?

What timeframe are you estimating for phase 1 of posting to social? How many teachers, CEOs, artists are you planning to work with? Will you be conducting interviews and editing the videos yourself?

Please submit a payout request of 10N for your [IDEA] phase at SputnikDAO

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Hi @starpause , honestly I hadn’t planned it as an implementation-level proposal. I could do it locally in the educational community in Uruguay (I am a University teacher and Software Eng.) and obviously can reach CEOs researchers and artists at the local level but this project should be a team effort and I should first have a detailed plan :slight_smile: obviously. Thank you very much for the feedback !!

PD: I am interested in how the development community is implementing the project and I would be interested in participating in proposals in that area, where should I carry them out? Thanks !!

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This is such a cool idea! I had my 7yo working on cryptozombies (https://cryptozombies.io/) and he really enjoyed it. I love the idea of introducing Web3 fundamentals into what is already a great initiative. +1 what Jordan said about organizing ideas into the slide deck. Looking forward to seeing what you build out.


Excellent !! I will continue working on the idea and the presentation. Thanks @enidavis @starpause !!!

Best , Alejandro

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