[Proposal] Web3Grad - A Web3 Coding Academy at scale

Web3Grad - A Web3 coding academy

Proposal overview

Hello, All,
Please find below our proposal to change the future of Web3 together!
Before getting into the detail, just wanted to thank first some people for the encouragement, time and patience in hearing us, and providing active guidance and feedback. And to all the community, who is doing a fantastic job in taking NEAR to the next level!

Web3Grad - the Web3 coding academy
Please come revolutionise Web3 together!

Application type - Partnership/Grant

Web3Grad’s mission:
Empowering the next generation of Web3 developers
Up-skilling high potential eager to learn people and getting them a better job at building the future

Alignment of Vision with NEAR
NEAR is a key player in Web3, and the alignment of vision and purpose with Web3Grad is perfect

  • NEAR envisions a world where people control their money, their data, and the tools to build new ideas
  • NEAR is a key player in Web3 and the alignment of vision and purpose with Web3Grad is perfect
  • NEAR is proud to have one of the most talented, hardworking D and passionate teams the world has to offer.
  • The alignment of vision and purpose is surprising, and Web3Grad would like to contribute to the excellence of the team and the ecosystem

What’s in it for NEAR?
Make an impact on the Web3 ecosystem by:

  • Having an effective tool to train Web3 developers at scale, with customised content for NEAR’s specific ecosystem (we can get people quickly trained on the new JavaScript SDK, for example).
  • Increasing critical mass of knowledgeable Web3 developers, making it easier to develop additional projects on NEAR’s
  • Marketing and influencing directly first comers to Web3 dev world
  • Being the first sponsor to Web3grad’s model for producing Web3 developers at scale
  • Reinforcing NEAR’s positioning of creating well-being at global scale, and supporting bold ideas
  • Learning first hand with us how it works and fine tuning the process
  • Have fun while doing it!

Proposal overview
Web3Grad is a coding academy that produces qualified Web3 developers quickly

  • Lets existing Web2 developers up-skill to Web3 and find better jobs
    • Unique streamlined approach with quick, high engagement and to the point sprints
    • One stop shop on training and applying for a new job
  • Provide trained talent availability to employers, enabling growth
  • Lets companies up-skill existing talent, enabling new business while increasing motivation and reducing attriction
  • Allows Web3 protocols to increase their talent footprint in the ecosystem, fostering increased adoption

Right now, we are running a Minimum Viable Product to demonstrate that we can:

  • attract Solo Coders and determine the required marketing investment
  • run effective sprints with sky-high Net Promoter Score, learning and iterating
  • attract sponsors from Web3 protocols
  • effectively place developers at Begging Companies and charge for it
  • attract a corporate to sponsor an internal up-skill sprint
  • scale the process massively
    Then we scale massively while expanding to adjacent content areas.

The Team
A team of seasoned and very experienced founders, Two university lecturers with a proven track record in education, entrepreneurship and technology, A designer turned developer turned manager and a Blockchain researcher and developer with a keen interest on NFTs.

Proposal ask
We would love to get NEAR’s support for running the MVP by helping sponsor the first batch:

  • Some “people bandwidth” to engage with candidates and help put together the final challenge/hackathon
  • Some curated content
  • Help promoting & marketing Web3Grad’s batch in the community
  • $25k sponsorship, to be used on Marketing, Community, Content and the final challenge/hackathon

Metrics for success
Get to end of a batch with a cohort of ~30 people trained on Web3/NEAR development

The Feedback
If anyone would like to hop onto a quick call to find out more and talk with me directly, just let me know and we will hook up.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for change/improvement to this proposal, please do comment below or send me a DM.
We are looking forward to engaging with you all.
We’re going to revolutionize Web3 together!
Thank You very much!