[Ideation] Onboarding Artisans - Traditional Indian Art forms

Project Title – Onboarding Artists who create various forms of Traditional Art from different Parts of India.

Project DAO – NFT Onboarding

Project Members – Nivedita Vivek (nidhi.near)
Srilakshmi T.C (srilakshmi_96.near)

Ideation – India has a wide array of art forms that are used to communicate mythological stories, traditions, and culture. There are many art forms that help the viewer understand the country’s heritage.
Each of these art forms has its own significance be it, patterns styles, or the stories they tell. Local communities, tribes, and other project groups have been trying to make sure that these art forms are being passed down generations and help keep the art alive.

For Example – Madhubani Paintings – Vibrant paintings that use mineral pigments. Pattachitra Paintings – simple paintings that focus on mythological storytelling.

We believe that digitization of these art forms in the form of NFTs is a great way to archive as well as create awareness about them.

My teammate and I have had the opportunity to explore traditional art first-hand and learn about the artisanal communities behind them. We believe that the preservation of these communities should be prioritized.

We want to be the ones to offer our help to various artisans from India to take ownership of their art in the web3 community. Helping them adapt to these new opportunities can help in monetizing their work and find users worldwide who appreciate their art.

  • We intend to onboard artisans renowned for their traditional Indian art forms onto a mintbase platform.
  • We help organize and create a community that appreciates their art.
  • Help set up NEAR wallets, create NFTs.
  • Although the focus right now is on the various painting techniques in India, this project could also cover other folk art, dances, and cinema.

This sounds like a really great idea. I have recently been contacted to a couple of folks in remote villages in India where they are facing a lot of issues and a hard time due to the pandemic . If this idea can be implemented, it can be a game changer for artists who are unable to find a way to communicate with their audience at the moment.


Excited to see the next stage of this project!

Can you provide any numbers? For example, how many artists you plan to onboard each month?

The idea payment has been approved on the forum:



Thank you!

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Thank you for approving the proposal.

We will make sure to provide numbers on the presentation. We have a few artists we could onboard once the plan is in action.

We are currently working on the presentation which we will post in a day or two.

Thanks again!

Attaching presentation here

[Presentation] Onboarding Indian Artisans

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Deck is popping! Great to see some numbers there too. Looking forward to your presentation of it.


Thank you! We have started working on it.

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Attaching the video presentation here -

Video presentation

Explanation of the “Tree of Life” Madhubani Painting -

Reference Video [Tree of Life]

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Great presentation! Super excited for this project. Let us know if there’s anything blocking you and if you would like to set up a monthly check in.

Hey Jordan,

Thank you for your feedback. We would love to take this forward. I was wondering if we could apply for a grant for this project as both me and my team mate come from a creative background, we would be needing technical support to create the market place. Would love to hop on a call with you to discuss this further. Pinging you on discord .

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Hi Jordan,

Not able to reach out to you on discord, can I please have your email ID? And we can take it further from there?

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Hi Srilakshmi, I’m sending a DM on this forum with that information. Looking forward to chatting!

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