[Approved] Funding Request for ETH Milan 2023 - Indiaverse DAO

Greetings @creativesdao-council

Indiaverse DAO is a community that helps Indian artists discover a world of opportunities, support, and collaboration for artists! Embrace Web3 Tools and community connections to amplify their artistic journey. We want Indian art & culture to take a global leap and show the rich Indian culture and art to the rest of the world. Participating in ETHMilan can help us learn more about the ecosystem, the opportunities that are there and an opportunity to build better.

Objectives :

We want to bring exposure to Indian artists and Indian art through newer technology and mediums. We are a community of an eclectic blend of artists from the Indian subcontinent that are committed to show our work to the world and use the power of DAOs and Web3 to help Indian art get the exposure that it deserves. ETHMilan can be the right platform to foster connections that could help us build a foundation that will go a long way.


@rjtarun is the curator and council member of the Indiaverse DAO. Tarun is a seasoned Radio Presenter and a media personality and an Emcee based out of Pune, India. He also has a keen interest in art and has been able to successfully set the ball rolling for Near and Creatives DAO in this part of the world through the Indiaverse DAO.


We aim to bring more attention to Indian artists through Indiaverse. Being a part of ETHMilan can provide us with unique learning opportunities, as well as exposure and collaboration opportunities.

  • Our artists can expand their network, develop new skills, and potentially create groundbreaking works of art.
  • Overall the Indiaverse DAO could help foster a more vibrant, diverse and globally connected web3 art scene in India.
  • By leveraging the learnings from ETHMilan, the DAO could create a better community and a flourishing art scene in this part of the world.

Flight cost

**Please note that prices are subject to change as we approach the departure date

Total request number: $1000 USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): rjtarun.near

** Please note that I will need an invitation letter for the VISA

Thank You!

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Hey @rjtarun
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.

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