I18n support for https://docs.near.org/

Here is Robert who is now a member of DevRel and Asia team, working on improving the DevX / UX of NEAR tooling, and growing the developer community globally.


The NEAR developer docs / portal https://docs.near.org/ now only support a single language in English.

Recently we received some requests from Chinese community about the needs to have developer docs in Chinese to make it more readable for local community contributors and DApp developers. Jonathan from WeNear Guild submitted an issue for that in GitHub - near/docs: NEAR Protocol Documentation

We also know projects like Ethereum have multiple language support about the docs: ethereum.org Language Translations | ethereum.org


The Jonathan from WeNear Guild is quite interested in taking the initiatives of gathering developers in Chinese community to

  1. make the docs site support i18n by adding the i18n folder, following the rules of Docusaurus in Translations & Localization · Docusaurus, or customizing the project
  2. create and maintain Chinese translation of the English version docs.

By having more developers contribute to the developer docs, we’ll also grow the developer community gradually. We may also launch a CN Dev Guild with this work as the starting point for the contributors to learn, share and build together.

What We Need From You

  1. If you have any suggestions or concerns about the i18n support and Chinese translation, please feel free to comment below.
  2. If you’re a developer knows well about both English and Chinese, and have good knowledge or want to learn in-depth about Near, please feel free to reply to this thread and join the efforts. 如果你对翻译开发者文档有很强的兴趣,并希望通过此来进一步深入学习和实践 Near,请在帖子下面留言加入我们。
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Hi,Rober,I’m happy to participate in this work.


Welcome to join us, George! :slight_smile:


Hi Rober, I am a technology developer from China and I am very happy to participate in this work.


great. let’s work together on the docs

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Hi All,
We use crowdin.com to work together, the translation process is very easy. the URL is:Translating Near.org docs translation to Chinese Simplified language
we can enter this URL and as you can see there is a progress bar, if this is not displayed 100%, then you can translate it.




let’s work together on the docs.
I am very happy to participate in this work


Update of the translation process:

  1. Instead of relying on Crowdin, now we host the translated docs directly in the corresponding directory: docs/website/translated_docs/zh-CN at zh · near-x/docs · GitHub
  2. We recommend each translator to create hackmd link for their translated Markdown file and add the link into our shared shimo doc.
  3. We require at least two proof readers to review and improve the translated docs.
  4. We’ll manually update the markdown files into GitHub and merge into the folder docs/website/translated_docs/zh-CN at zh · near-x/docs · GitHub once the quality of the translated docs are verified and acceptable.

Jonathan set up a test server here at: That’s great!

But we have several defects that needs to be fixed:

  1. Defect: header and sidebar are not in Chinese
  2. Defect: Language Dropdown icon is not visible
  3. Defect: if the language route such as /en/ is not added, should render the page in English by default
  4. Defect: Edit button doesn’t work properly (should link to the Chinese doc on GitHub)