WeNear-Chiense Guild monthly report-February 25, 2021

We did this on February:
1.Issue opened
After chatted with Robert, we have started the NEAR Official Website’s tech docs translation plan. We have opened an issue on our NEAR docs github repository and try to let some people join the translation plan. the issue URL: [DOC] All NEAR docs chinese translation(Concepts/developer firstly) · Issue #616 · near/docs · GitHub and the origin article url:I18n support for https://docs.near.org/

2.Fork the github repository and debug docusaurus
We forked the github repository and clone it to local environment to modify the website. we have checked the Docusaurus docs and handled the stylesheet issue and path issue and distribute the task to our community to translate the markdown file. the url is:

3.Translated “epoch.md” and "Mintbase Youtube video"
After debug and distribute the docs, we have translated the epoch.md and we have translated the “Mintbase Youtube video”

4.deploy an test server for the docs
For testing docs lively, we have bought a ubuntu server and hold the test repository’s docs website and test it lively, the url is:

The next month plan for WeNear Guild:
1.push the translate plan forward
We will fix more site’s bug and encourage our community to translate the docs and submit them to our repository.

2.PR to our official docs repository
We will submit PR to our main official repository and make the docs translation true after the docs are all translated well.

3.promote NEAR protocol in group
As guild members, we will try our best to promote NEAR protocol to our WeChat Official account and other groups, answer questions on NEAR WeChat group and tele group

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