HYPE BATTLE ( CLOSED) May Draw It On Your Own Style #1

Good Day Near Community.

HYPE BATTLE IS BACK :fire::fire:

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.” – Mark Rothko


Hype Battle will Start MAY 25,2022
And Will end on JUNE 4,2022.
Announcing of winners Will be on JUNE 6,2022.

3 Winners

1st prize: 10Near
2nd prize: 7Near
3rd prize: 3Near


Any artstyle is acceptable

You need to keep it original

Backgrounds and Artworks from Internet is Prohibited

Entry with most Heart react is Appreciated, but it will not put you in winners list

Judging The Entries will depends on Your Arts,the Creativity,Originality of an Artwork, and Cleanliness

For all the Participants a Short Description together with Your Entry can Help the council to Understand Your arts .

Dont Forget to Include your NEAR WALLET ADDRESS in your submission.

Winners will be selected by The COUNCIL


Our Mission In This Hype Battle is to showcase Worldwide Talents and Creativity of People In Near Community.

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Let’s go this is so exciting :sparkles::raised_hands:


Keep on Fighting and dont stop exploring. :relaxed::heart_eyes::rocket:


it’s so exciting 'I’ll join again :hugs:


Wooaaa interesting lezzzgo :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Wow, this looks great to me.Ill be participating.


We are excited to see your Arts too​:heart::hugs:

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Good day!! so here is my entry “Friendship Across”
Honesty, I really don’t remember how my imqginary friend looks like,mbut here is my interpretation of it. When I was a child I really don’t plat with other kids outside cause I have asthma and I usually play alone imside our house. When I grow up my mother told me that when I was young I used to play with my imaginary friend. When I imagineed it gives me chills :grin::grin:. But yeah thats how my imagimary friend make my childhood happy, cause evem I stay at home every time, I make a companion with him.



Hi this is my work…I don’t know if you believe a (tumawo) an shadow create by my imagination or not(a soul)…i believe he/she is a friend cuz he he just sees and then disappears …this shadow appeared if have block out in electrical or when you off your lights, and sometimes he/she appeared sitting at corner of house,under the tree(but the tree is cut off) and in the front of my door,outside of our gate,sitting beside the laundry basket,and I feel he watching me??..cuz my eyes sometimes it’s blur …the passages of your eyes…as if you saw something


Having an imaginary friend is a totally normal part of childhood. It shows that the kid’s imagination is up and running and sometimes it can be quite hilarious how they interact with their invisible friends. Often the “friends” are the ones to blame for the troubles the little kids have gotten into, or they entertain them and share their daily life. However, when there’s what seems like paranormal forces involved together with a vivid imagination, it gets slightly scary.



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So creepy​:sweat_smile: u have a imaginary friend look so creepy bro :flushed:
My childhood imaginary friend is my teddy bear talking and playing with me when im sleep :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: gosh

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My First Friend

When i was child, I’m rarely to find a friend because we’re are living near of nowhere when nature are nearly on our side, one day i found in out nowhere in the middle of the heart of the Mango forest tree i found my companion friend he is older than me he give me balloon that symbolize hope that i will make best friends in the future, right now i can’t still realize that my first friend is a Fairy who can make you wish come true.



I love this… Will give it a try​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes sir let’s go!!! LFG!:sparkles::fire::fire::fire:


“WE ARE NOT ALONE.” :japanese_ogre::innocent::hamburger:



“A remedy for loneliness”

Imaginary friends? I used to have one-- I used to make one. Being the youngest child, I was always alone with my toys at home. My brothers don’t play with me so I have no choice but to play by myself. I started imagining a creature with a persona of a mom (I guess?) with a daughter (or so I perceived). I talked a lot with them about how my days always seemed dull during my childhood days. I’ve come to realize lately that they won’t leave you. They’re still here and won’t ever leave until they get what they wanted from you…

Just kidding! HAHA, I’ve realized that they might be just a fraction of our feelings yearning for a friend.

Mine seems eerie but they are not. When I was a kid I believe them as Sadako and her daughter.

Near ID: nosmirc_der.near


Hi, Here’s my entry for this bounty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A little story about my imaginary friend

So when I was a kid I usually play outside with my childhood friends. But everytime my mom wouldn’t let me play outside, I always play with my teddy inside the house, I talk to him even though I know he won’t answer me :smile: Sometimes he will be my baby and I will be the mommy. And when I forget where I put her, I will cry because I can’t find her. I also sleep next to him every afternoon and night. I was still talking to him as if she was also talking to me, like that. I also introduce my teddy with my friends outside, like " hey, look. She’s my baby " :smile:
That’s all, And yeaaa my little teddy is still with me, I always keep her.

near ID: yonakawaii.near


Hmmmmn… imaginary friend? I clean clearly remember one, it was when im 6 years old i think. I used to play on the woods back then even at night, because i love collecting insects like spiders and beetles at night. And met this human like white thing, im nearsighted since child so i cant clearly identify it if it was as a real person but its definetely there slightly moving and its glowing white. I did not get scared because i dont know anything yet about ghosts and spirits back then, and maybe that was my first time seing one. It seems friendly and harmless, so i just wave at it whenever i go to the woods and i remembered even offering some candies, its seems nice to have accompany me while i venture the woods and for me back then i see it already as a friend.

5hrs of work

Creator/Near ID: monosid.near