[CLOSED] HYPE BATTLE May Draw It On Your Own Style #2

Good Day Near Community.

HYPE BATTLE IS BACK :fire::fire:

Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” – Keith Haring

Theme/Concept: ILLUSTRATE YOUR DREAM ROOM OF YOURS you can Add Yourself in th Picture

Hype Battle will Start June 9,2022
And Will end on June 24,2022
Announcing of winners Will be on June 27,2022

3 Winners

1st prize: 10Near
2nd prize: 7Near
3rd prize: 3Near


Any artstyle is acceptable

You need to keep it original

Backgrounds from Internet is Prohibited

Entry with most Heart react is Appreciated, but it will not put you in winners list

Judging The Entries will depends on Your Arts,the Creativity,Originality of an Artwork, and Cleanliness

For all the Participants a Short Description together with Your Entry can Help the council to Understand Your arts .

Dont Forget to Include your NEAR WALLET ADDRESS in your submission.

Winners will be selected by The COUNCIL


Our Mission In This Hype Battle is to showcase Worldwide Talents and Creativity of People In Near Community.

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All Entries Should Not Be minted As long as battle in Not Over


My Black and White Dream Room.
My room is always dark, why do i like my room dark?
I personally like darkness because there is less visual stimulus which allows you to rest and/or concentrate better. In a dark room, nothing commands your attention since, well, you can’t see anything which makes it easy to rest your mind.



Good day!! Here’s my “Dream Room”, as you can see it has three part my fitting space or closet, my working and hobby space and my bed or resting space. I also included some printed work since that a dream of every artist to see their works in display. The high glass window give a natural lighting that I love, also it will give a high view of the outside scenery. I also included a few shoe collection since I’m a big shoe fan, though I can’t afford it, but that’s my dream. And I also include my self, I’m not dead :rofl::rofl::rofl: I just like to take a nap in random space when I’m tired :joy::joy::joy:. That it hope you all likes it :blush::blush::blush:.



Untitled 06-22-2022 04-38-20

This is my dream bedroom. It’s really a simple one but yeah that’s how I like it. As you can notice, there’s two bed. Since I have a little brother, I want us to share a room (maybe for the meantime) because he can’t sleep on his own. The design of my dream bedroom shows my personality - “simple lang pero may dating”. And you’ll notice too that my character in this artwork is floating, it is because I am more comfortable with this type of bedroom. Having this bedroom will seriously make me feel like I’m meditating, the comfortability it gives to me helps me to calm and in peace. That’s all, thank you!



Hi Gm everyone, Here’s my ‘DREAM BEDROOM’
So, as you can see it all pink :smile: I love pink and hello kitty that’s why hehe. I choose to have a loft bed because the style is beautiful, it saves more space to the room.
And there’s an picture of me and my girlfriend hanging on the wall because I love to see our picture everyday ehe. (landi ko be)
And there’s a lot of my artworks hanging on the wall too, because every artist loves to see their work printed and hanging on their own room.
And there’s a small working place on the side and stair design to be drawer too. And that’s it ehe :brown_heart: hope y’all like my girly room.



My dream room is just to have a room of inner peace and simplicity. A place where I can sleep without thinking that I should buy more, A station where I can work and do art for my mental health, and of course a TV so I could watch movies and bond with the people whom I love.

Having less can be more, mental health over anything, and spending time with your loved ones. Those 3 reasons are the keys to opening a perfect “dreamy” room, at least for me.



This may not be realistic but since I was a child until now this is my dream room. I always visual my own room totally like this a cloud bed with a slide next to it down to a pool of colorful balls. I also wanted my room cold and have a galaxy full of stars because I enjoyed looking outside staring at the night sky. I also want a complete PC set up in my room where I can draw comfortably and watch anime. I drew this because I really want to enjoy my life as a kid and especially I want to enjoy what I love to do with my life.



When I go to work in the morning and come back in the evening, I like to see the posters of my favorite bands and anime in my room. I participate in Near activities for evening distraction and additional income, and I strive to learn more about the $Near ecosystem, develop myself and participate in the development of $Near’s developer and local communities. This is my dream

Near Wallet: bazer08.near


When we were children, we always had a goal to achieve, like new toys, new clothes, and new shoes. It is something we always begged our parents to give us. However, our thinking has evolved over time, and we now have a new dream to pursue and a goal to achieve; sometimes, we base it on our passion—it could be as a designer, gamer, or artist. One thing we always wanted to have was our dream room, where we could be whatever we wanted to be and we could create our own world. Of course, I also dreamed of having a nice and artistic room, where I have devices for my art-related activities, a comfortable bed (maybe a king size bed because I am tall, just kidding), or great and pleasant furniture to display with. A dream of mine that may seem far away may seem within reach, but nothing is impossible in this world. I believe that having a dream and goals to pursue may lead us to be more hard-working and courageous. It stands as a motivation for us to work harder and never stop believing in ourselves. It is not bad to dream big. What is bad? When you stop and never believe in yourself.

Near Wallet: ashiya.near


What I did here was just compile everything I love doing hehe. Everything you see in this room describes me in some ways. So we have NFT/art stuffs, drums, theology, pokemon and coffee syempre.

As an artist, napaka laking power for me na we are able to make the things we dream a reality in some way. In this case, our dream room!

Thank you for the DAO na nag-organized nito. Another learning experience. :heart::partying_face:



Good day everyone, this is my dream room. As you can see I do use a limited space room since I’m not really a fan of spacious place. I choose a loft bed because of how it helps to save space and it makes the room more awesome. I do also use the space below the loft bed as my cabinet for clothes and a small space for my books since I do love reading and writing a novel and poems. I also like collecting books.

I want to use a combination of woods and concrete since I love how it looks together. I do want a study and workplace spacious and comfortable. I also place a small table, since there’s a time that I want to work while I am indian sitting. It will also serve as a table for foods and snacks.

I choose to use the white and brown shades since it seems simple yet elegant theme of a room. I also want to hang some of my artworks on my room, and I thinks its every artist dream.



Jaria here. My dream room is a bedroom with a big window so that i could see the skies and the nature. Where i could see the Mt. Mayon and comfortably relax through gaming with pc or playing with my cat​:two_hearts:



Here is my dream room.
I have a twin sister, naturally I have never been alone. Since it is small in our house, I would like to stay in a bunk bed with my sister (I have to stay on the top floor.) I am a very active person and I would be very happy with the stairs. I wish I had two computers. I will be able to both make music and follow crypto. With two computers, my sister will not fall behind in her lessons. I wish I had spaces where I could play my guitar and keyboard. These are my dreams, I hope they come true one day.



My simple yet relaxing dream room. :blush: :sun_with_face:
As an artist, I love seeing plants in my surroundings while creating art.
Also, I want my cats to be comfortable also in my room. :heart:
Sun and beautiful scenery make me wonder more about everything and add creativeness to me.

Thank you for this event. I really enjoyed making this art and I hope this dream will come true!



My Magical Room

When i ever dream of my Room is like this such an comfy way in a magical way in the middle of the night sketching the majestic sky and the beautiful full moon luna.

Make it memorable and its makes me back to my childhood memories seeing and mesmerized to the sky wishing and hoping to see a falling star make a wish for a good health and make another day be positive and happy day.

A room with full of magical that meets the eye.



All Entries are so :fire::fire::fire::scream::scream:.
Goodluck guys :heart_eyes::metal::metal:

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This is exactly what I dream of having my own room. I have my bedroom right next to the wall where three of my artworks were displayed. Connected to my headboard is kind of a table where I can put my things and a bookshelf under. A cozy sofa, big flat screen t.v., a mini cabinet and table, awning window, board and a hologram were present too. Finally, I have my dream predator gaming chair. It’s not like I’m good in playing online games but I want to use it too for an easy display of my wips and other artworks. It feels like being a gamer and digital artist is connected somehow in some ways. Of course, we can’t leave the room with just plain lights so a lot of LED strip lights were installed. What I want to show everyone is the ambiance and atmosphere I have created in mind as an artist - where everyone is free to explore.



What’s up bros! It’s me ShySkull! I would like to share my dream room just for me and my loving doggos. Just the right spaces for me to put my things in place. Since I only sit on my computer to work for the whole day, I thought having a huge space will not be that necessary. Purple is my favorite color. I’m a monochrome kind of person I would say, which means I don’t really like seeing a lot of colors going on in my surrounding ; or maybe my type of colors should be in the same color order spectrum. I like working with the lights off to focus my conscience on what I am working with. It will be hard if its dark to navigate the place if I suddenly felt like going to the comfort room or something, so adding strip lights will do the trick. All in all, I just want my room to be tight, perfect for me to efficiently navigate my surroundings along with my two doggos who only do is to eat, sleep, and play around. Realistically speaking, we all need to work hard to achieve whatever we want, and that includes having our own dream room.



My Dream Room

I only get to dream so I put my all in this drawing. A place where I am most comfortable. A place where I can be myself. A place where I can pour out my passion.

I never had a bedroom. Even so, I never lose dream of what my bedroom would be. It is a long dream to have a place for myself. And if there’s a place who will know me too well, I know it would be my bedroom. It may be a dream for now but I’ll make sure to live them.



Last Day Of submission,
January 25 philippines Time Morning Night Time of 24th to Other side of the World. :blush: