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if I were to have an imaginary friend maybe this is how I would want to be a friend who is always with me everywhere.
because sometimes I always sing alone and play the a guitar and I always think that I have a partner to jam with me. not only at this time. I also want to have a playmate wherever I go. it’s not that I’m crazy, it’s that I always imagine that I’m not alone to cope with life’s challenges.

we need sometimes that we are not alone, wherever we go then they are always there by our side and not they won’t leave us just like that and thank you very much because i feel that im not an alone hunter anymore
And thats all i have to say.

Di na tayu malulungkot pa kasi nandyan sila palagi sa ating tabi kahit saan pa tayo pumunta amen.

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People have told me that I have a third eye.
Because I have a mole inside my right eye.

We moved into a house that had not been inhabited for three years when I was eight years old.

It frightens me that I’m always alone.
This is when it began to bother me.

She has long black hair, wears a long white dress, has a sharp hand, and I couldn’t see her entire face because it was titled when she walks.

As you can see, she has a crow over her shoulder, which represents life’s mysteries and magic. It aids in the development of vision and the connection to life’s magic.

I’m no longer afraid of him as time passes. It appears that we have a special bond.

Having an imaginary friend does not prove that I am in trouble. However, it is a source of comfort for me when I am going through a difficult time.

Only children are strange. The only children I know, including myself, are either exceptionally gifted and unique, or a combination of the two. As a child, I had an imaginary friend who helped me deal with my feelings of independence and loneliness.

This is my imaginary friend,
And this is my strory end.

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Here’s my entry for imaginary friend. When I was a kid I don’t usually get along with others. I have a few toys that I played with and think of them as my imaginary friend. I find it more enjoyable to play with them as I also feel safe and at peace playing at home.



I was so imaginative when I was a kid. When my brother and sister started schooling, I was left alone at home along with my mom. There, I accompanied myself through my imaginations and created lots of friends. It was so fun how I imagined them, talked to them, play, dance and sing. Of course, we used to play the games I want. When I was a kid, it was all about rainbows and cupcakes. So I want to show everyone how fun and free our childhoods were.

Hope you guys like it!



Hi! I’m Maxzeinly, since I am an only child i have no siblings to play with thats why I’m always alone in my room. Because of that i used to have 3 imaginary friends and i called them Lulu, Ori, and Mimi. They are my bestfriends , we are always playing with my toys, Barbie dolls, and teddy bears. We also loved dancing and singing, I really love them and i wish they were real.




My childhood friend could be seen and touched physically but it doesn’t move, talk, nor able to see. He is Teddy. All kids call all stuff toys that way. Not just me but I think a lot of kids before and now had/have their Teddy friend also. They play with it and talk to it as if it truly exists as a living friend. Children would have think stuff toys understand what you say and feel but in reality children are just making nothing into something or something into someone they could have as their accompaniment. You hug it when you are sad or happy or even cry and confess everything to it. That’s my friend, Teddy.

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“My Imaginary Friend is also my Guardian Angel”

I can’t remember having an imaginary friend but one thing I believe for sure, when babies or kids laugh on their own, it is probably their guardian angel playing with them as portrayed in this art. I portrayed the angel through my imagination as a point of view of the child seeing their angel as lovely angel with an angelic smile, with full white outfit and hair and a pair of white wings disguised as a child to be their playmate. If only I had my imaginary friend before, I wished he/she is still here at the present moment. I think it is priceless memory to remember having an imaginary friend and will stay with me all the time and someone to talk to with all the rumbled thoughts going through my mind.

That’s all thankyou hope you like it :blush:

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Having an imaginary companion was one of my childhood’s favorite part. One of the reasons why grieving spared me was that I would have been sad because I came from a broken family. I was still chastised for talking to myself, but I grew accustomed to it. I was always alone and trapped in my room. I’m glad I could share my story about my imaginary companion with you, and by the way, he has a name: Cybel.



I grow up as an introvert person. I barely go outside to play with my friends. Before my mother gave birth to my sister 10 years ago. I am living with my brothers and parents. I am not really close to my brothers since they are really different from me. They were extrovert who loves to play outside with their friend while I’m not. My parents were barely home since they work.

I talk to her a lot about how things goes. She become my listener and my playmate. Maybe they look scary and obviously not normal. My younger self with that IMAGINARY FRIEND will be a great memory until today. It may be strange part of being a kid, but childhood was and will be the best part of being a better person we are now today.



When i was a kid, i am not used to get along with the other kids to play with. I spend my time making paper doll mermaids and talking to them as if they were real. Dressed them up with clothes made out of paper as well. Since i was an imaginative kid, i was able to find comfort in the presence of my lifeless friend.


This is Johnny Brown, he is a brown bunny. When I was 7yrs old he is my only friend, back then we are not allowed to go outside, and I have this little stuff toy with me. Mr. Jhonny brown was really real to me, I thought that I was really playing with a talking living bunny.

I really miss him. Sometimes I wish I could just rewind back to the old days, so I can be whoever I want to be with. I wish I am a child again not to change anything, but to feel all my memories once again.



My demon

When i was young i have a weak body. I went to hospital multiple times for an unknown illness. We move to bigger hospital only to find out I got water in my lungs. Due to that i get tired easily and my growth affected me very much. I grow up to be skinny and weak. When i feel a little better I’m good to go to school. However, it’s not a nice world i expected it to be just like in movies. Everyone keeps bullying me, from grade 1 to grade 6 I keep transferring from different schools due to that reason.

I was weak and helpless. My parents were there, but it did not last long. My parents separated when I was just 8 years old. I got lack of attention and comfort. The only thing who was there for me was my demon, i called my friend demon. Not literally i portrayed that creature as an actual demon, but i guess demon was the result of my frustrations, anger, pain and many more negative feelings.

Demon was just there to remind me that it will be alright, it’s the reality and doing bad revenge will do no good. Demon was there to comfort me, and lets me cry seldomly… I love demon before up until now. He still exists, i just know it…



Hello there, this is Janggu, my gentle giant friend, who appears as a result of my loneliness as a child, because I don’t usually interact with other kids in the neighborhood, and in the back of our house there is a small river where I spend most of my time alone playing, Janggu was always there for me and he listens carefully to the stories I tell him, and even though I’m now a teen, his memories will never fade in my mind.



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