Human Guild [Proposal] LotsofLands - a play-and-earn NFT game

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Summary and links.

In this proposal, you will find a comprehensive description of Lots of Lands, an immersive NFT-based game set in what we call the meta-earth, a digital version of the real-world map, in which they accumulate resources, territories and assets while interacting and building governance and business structures with each other.

What we are building

Lots of Lands is an immersive NFT-based game set in the meta-earth, a digital version of the real-world map. Players will be able to explore this map and engage in trade, business, governance and world-building. While structuring the game, what we are focused on is providing players with a fun gaming experience that offers them as much freedom as possible, while also supplying them with the basis to pursue a multitude of economic opportunities.

The game is being built around a play-and-earn paradigm in which neither the gameplay or the digital economy aspects take precedence over the other. Both of these dimensions of the game will be completely developed to offer players the best of both worlds.

From an economic standpoint, the game will be centered around lands that players will own in the form of NFTs. Resources, which are needed to build buildings and engage in other activities, will also be tokenized. Eventually, Lots of Lands will be governed by a DAO that players can participate in by owning the game’s governance tokens.


The NFT gaming market is currently lacking high-quality games. Most of the available games out there are little more than dressed-up staking mechanisms. Our mission is to create a gaming experience that is as enjoyable and stimulating to play as the economy backing it up. We seek to achieve this by engaging with two main motivational factors: the drive to have a pleasurable gaming experience and the drive to earn. When combined, the two will form a powerful combo that will keep players coming back for more.

To make this happen we have gone to lengths to philosophically and economically conceptualize the meta-earth, which is the arena of gameplay for Lots of Lands. As we present in-depth in the whitepaper, Lots of Lands players will be entering a whole new world where they will be offered unique chances to compete and connect with each other in meaningful ways. We want to give players a chance to have fun while also holding a mirror up to the realities of materialism and resource consumption.

User-generated content

Our goal is to make Lots of Lands a hub of user-generated content. From the get-go, users will be incentivized to connect with each other. And it is out of these connections that the ecosystem of the game will emerge. Players will be able to form businesses, alliances and government structures with each other. Additionally, players will be able to design certain buildings and place their content in the game. With a user-influenced landscape, we hope to make the game a gathering place for creative and talented people. The many avenues for user creativity will also open up numerous advertising possibilities.

Game mechanics

Players of Lots of Lands will be given a unique gaming experience that is filled with nuances that make the game more enjoyable. We have designed over 50 unique in-game features to ensure that players not only experience variety in their gameplay but also so that players of different means are capable of competing on a level playing field.

Because Lots of Lands is blockchain-based, the unique game features are exponentially more significant than those in regular games. Some of the major features of Lots of Lands include the ability to form alliances with shared resources and distributary mechanisms, the ability to rent out your land to other players for an agreed-upon price, the formation of binding business and governance structures that can use resources collectively and create revenue streams, the unlocking of special in-game achievements and the ability to combine lands and rare items together to create new ones and thereby increase their values.

In addition, the meta-earth was built to have a life of its own. There will be holidays in the game that correspond to holidays in the physical world, rare artifacts, acts of nature and many more surprises that will contribute to the richness of the Lots of Lands experience.

Thanks to the game’s DAO governance structure, the in-game features are an open book. Once players get accustomed to the game they will be able to add new features and change existing ones, provided they are able to get the minimum amount of votes to do so.

Game economy

The Lots of Lands economy has four central units of commerce that are all tied to the blockchain via fungible and non-fungible tokens. Token distribution mechanisms are in place to help the native currency of the game establish itself as a reliable means of exchanging goods. The token’s release schedule and allocation plan have been designed to clamp down on excessive inflation and deflation.


Bases are the game’s most limited and valuable resource. 25000 bases will be sold as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain before v1.0 of the game is released. Bases allow players to discover new lands and put them up for sale. The further a land is from a player’s base, the more it will cost to explore it.


Surrounding each base in the game are unexplored lands. These lands are also NFTs and can be traded between users directly, on any NFT marketplace. However, there will be an NFT marketplace built specifically for NFTs native to the game on the Rarible protocol. In order to explore a land, a player must acquire the corresponding NFT. The farther away a land is from a user’s base, the more expensive it will be to ulock it. Possession of a land is necessary to play the game and place buildings on top of it. Players can place one building on every land they possess.


Like in the physical world, the meta-earth of Lots of Lands is filled with areas that each have their own amount of resources. Resources are distributed randomly to lands. The maximum amount of resources a land can have is 1000 and the minimum is 0. Resources are vastly important to the game because they are needed to create buildings and develop territories. The resources of the game are divided into several categories and each is in the form of a fungible token. Users will participate in a robust economy in which they can extract resources from the lands they own and trade with other users for resources they need and want.


There will be a wide variety of buildings that users can create on their lands. Buildings each have specific benefits and allow players to do certain actions in the game. Buildings are also upgradable, which improves their efficiency and value. The longer a user plays Lots of Lands, the more advanced their buildings can become.

Here are four of the most essential types of buildings in the game:

Extractors — Extractors allow users to generate resources from the lands they own. Extractors can be bought via the Lots of Lands native token and will provide players with the ability to extract one resource of their choice from their land over set intervals of time. As extractors are upgraded their resource generating capabilities and speeds increase.

Armories — Armories are key to all military activity in the game. Players can use their extracted resources to build armories in order to produce rockets and other means of warfare and defense. If you can use your armories successfully, you will be able to take the extracted resources of other players.

User-generated buildings — these buildings are completely customizable by players. Using their resources, they can build structures that they design and make a lasting impact on the meta-earth.
This is one of the ways in which Lots of Lands differs from other games. Usually, in NFT games players are given opportunities to display their art, but in Lots of Lands they are able to use their creativity to launch and grow their business ideas. These customizable buildings can have any function that a player can come up with. Players will not have to deal with many of the obstacles standing in the way of implementing similar ideas in the physical world, so the game will provide them with an unexplored avenue of creative and business potential.

Transportation buildings — Traveling around the meta-earth is essential. Allocating resources to the building of transportation infrastructure will allow users to transport their resources from one of their lands to another as well as provide transportation services for other players. The transit process takes time but improves as these buildings get upgraded. Additionally, the computation of transportation time is done on-chain, so cheating is not possible and the whole process is fully transparent.

Governance token

The basic means of transacting in Lots of Lands is the game’s governance token. Lots of Lands will be governed by a DAO and participation in the DAO is dependent on ownership of the governance token. With the governance token, players can vote on different game proposals, create proposals of their own and put them to a vote, develop and deploy payment schemes from the game’s treasury, change the cost of resources in the game and much more.

Even the Lots of Lands gameplay processes themselves can be put to a vote. For example, players can form partnerships that require a majority approval to impose embargoes on other players, form defensive alliances and declare war on others. The blockchain will allow players to control the pursuance of automatic decisions via in-game tools that will let players choose options from [subject] [verb] [object] [time] [attributes] structures.

These governance tokens also have a central role in gameplay. Players need governance tokens to create different buildings and extract resources.

The total supply of governance tokens is limited and will be completely unlocked over the course of five years.

Our goals

Daily Active players

The first measure of a game’s success is its level of player engagement. We will strive to get as many active users as possible, and we will be concentrating efforts and resources on increasing the number of daily players once the game is launched. Our overall goal is to have 1M daily active players.

Market cap

The market cap of the game will also be an important metric for determining success. The market cap will indicate a number of different things, including the level of economic engagement with Lots of Lands and the level of participation in the DAO. We want the game’s DAO to be as decentralized and powerful as possible. In order to achieve this, we will need massive participation from users. To make this happen we have put in place key incentives for participation and user-content creation. Our overall goal on this front is a $1B market cap.

Number of transactions

By looking at the number of game transactions we will be able to gauge the health of the game’s economy and determine the level of economic engagement of players and outside parties. The more daily transactions that are made, the more liquid game assets become and the more reliable the game’s token becomes as a means of exchange. Our ultimate goal is to have 100M monthly transactions.

Why NEAR needs Lots of Lands

We believe in Lots of Lands. We will do our best to make the game a success and an example of what is capable in blockchain gaming. We know that there is a lot of hard work required to get where we want to go, but if the game is successful, it will bring an influx of users into the NEAR ecosystem that will have to use the NEAR network and various platforms that are hosted on NEAR. Additionally, Lots of Lands requires the ability to make fast transactions. By hosting the game, NEAR would display its scaling capabilities and gain an invaluable use case.

On our end, we have experience in marketing and token sales. The NEAR network would be part of all of our promotional efforts and marketing campaigns and would have a prominent place in the makeup of the game. NEAR also stands to gain in exposure from the public talks that we will do.

Because Lots of Lands is being built as a canvas for user-generated content, it will attract creative people looking for the right platform on which to design and display their work. By implementing Lots of Lands into the NEAR ecosystem, more creators and talent will be brought into the network.

Furthermore, players will have to buy NEAR in order to play the game. As the game’s popularity increases, so will demand for the token and awareness of the NEAR network.

The game is also partly based on the Ethereum blockchain, by virtue of the ETH-based NFTs that are necessary for players. We will have the game’s initial NFT drop with 25k bases take place on Ethereum and then migrate them to the NEAR network. Once Lots of Lands is launched, we plan to bring part of the Ethereum community with the game to the NEAR ecosystem.

How we are building it

We intend Lots of Lands to ultimately be fully on-chain. However, it will take some time and development to fully get there. Our initial plan is to drop our NFT bases on Ethereum and then immidiately migrate to NEAR. As the game continues to be developed and we implement more of our planned features, more and more aspects will move on-chain. Additionally, the DAO governance model will require certain milestones to be met before it can be fully deployed. By following our current roadmap, we would like DAO deployment to be possible around May of next year.


The Lots of Lands team is a close-knit and diverse group of developers, gamers and dreamers that hail from many different countries and backgrounds. Though currently small, we have team members from Ukraine, as well as important team members that are women and others that are part of the LGBTQ+ community. As the team expands, we will continue our efforts to make sure that voices usually marginalized in society are included and given a voice. Our plan is to actively hire as many professionals from Ukraine, as possible, because of the current events. The core members of the Lots of Lands team are based in the US.

Ivan — crypto OG since 2011, has launched multiple projects successfully, raised more than $30M for projects via token sales and garnered vast experience in the theory and design of virtual economies

George — has been involved in development since 2002 and in iOS and game development specifically since 2011

Alex Kloki — UI/UX straight from the graffiti regions of Ukraine. 4 years of calligraphy and design training. Now, more than 2 years he have been developing a team of web designers. Since 2020, he has created more than 100 projects for businesses, including the blockchain industry.

Yury - fullstack and smart contracts developer since 2013. Uri had to leave Ukraine due to the tragic events.

Bryan — writer and content creator that has been helping companies in the crypto space develop and launch their platforms for over 5 years.


Rarible - We have partnered with one of the premier NFT exchanges in order to build our in-game marketplace. The Lots of Lands marketplace will be built on the Rarible protocol, ensuring that it will be capable of handling a large number of users.

CoinTelegraph - the biggest crypto media outlet to publish game-related content and spread awareness about Lots of Lands.

Nick Shapkin — has worked in professional content creation and marketing since 2011 (with Adidas, Nike, Burton and Casio campaigns) and in crypto since 2017, with the past two years specifically in startup creation and development. Currently, Nick is creating a play-to-earn gaming guild.

There will be additional partnerships coming soon.

Milestones and roadmap

Lots of Lands will be built in iterations, with the first version of the game to be released this summer and a complete version with DAO control by the following May.


Feb 2022 - Pitched Lots of Lands at ETHDenver and put ongoing talks in motion with 35 potential investors. In addition to the potential investors, 4 new team members have been added to the Lots of Lands project and we have 5 more developers interested in getting on board.

Mar 2022 - In March we created our Whitepaper, produced game screenshots and applied for a grant to NEAR to create a demo.
Apr 2022 - In April we will hold the private sale mentioned above to raise funds for game development.
June 2022 - In June we will have our first NFT drop where players can acquire their NFT bases.
Sep 2022 - September will see v1.0 of Lots of Lands get launched. This first version will include a lands explorer, resources and a marketplace for NFTs and tokens on the Rarible protocol
Dec 2022 - In December we will be able to launch v1.1 of the game. This update will include significant additions like resource extraction and the ability for players to create buildings.
Feb 2023 - When February comes round we will be able to launch v1.2 which will give players the full product. This update will add wars, cities, taxes and more to the game, exponentially enhancing gameplay and increasing player engagement.
Apr 2023 - In April we will hold a public sale in order to lock down more funding for the game and improve what we offer to players.
May 2023 - By May, the DAO governance model will be ready to launch. The launch of the DAO will effectively put development of the game in the hands of its players and introduce the world to a unique phenomenon in the world of gaming.

Market strategy

Before the game launches, we will sell 25k NFTs on Ethereum. These NFTs will correspond to 25k in-game bases, the game’s most scarce and essential asset. Once we have completed the sale, we will migrate those tokens to the NEAR ecosystem, bringing significant exposure to the network.

What we need

The Lots of Lands team is applying to receive a sum of 20K NEAR. This sum will be essential in terms of our ability to deliver the foundations of the game in the coming months. A majority of these funds will be allocated to the game development and we will also focus our efforts and spreading awareness for the game and building a community.

The team would also like to be introduced to DAOs and VCs that would be potentially interested in supporting development on our project. The more traction we are able to get in the early stages, the quicker we will be able to realize our vision for Lots of Lands.

What we will deliver with this grant

A working game demo on NEAR that includes a map explorer, a land minting mechanism and a resource generator that will distribute resources randomly throughout the meta-earth.

A gameplay trailer that will show what the completed version of the game will look like with prominent NEAR branding.

A Lots of Lands community with at least 5k members.

3 articles about the upcoming game that will cover all significant aspects of the game, including why we chose NEAR and the advantages of hosting the game on the NEAR network. These articles will be published in major news outlets with at least 1M monthly visits.

After speaking with Human Guild, we have decided to split the proposal into two parts, worth of 10,000 NEAR, each. With the first one we are going to make a demo on the NEAR blockchain, create the first NFT sketches and perform the legal setup. That will effectively help us to gain traction and start fundraising.



The following project links hold additional information:

Please note, the game has not been made public yet, and this is the first time we are sharing any of these links. That is why there is, as of yet, no community or marketing activity. Marketing and growth campaigns will be conducted in the near future. Additionally, this is the first grant application the Lots of Lands team is making. Once the project gains traction and achieves its initial goals, more grant applications will be made.




Wow, something awesome is coming on Near Protocol :blush:

Will happy to have you in Near games group Telegram: Contact @play_on_near

Thank You for great game :muscle:


After speaking with Human Guild, we have decided to split the proposal into two parts, worth of 10,000 NEAR, each. With the first one we are going to make a demo on the NEAR blockchain, create the first NFT sketches and perform the legal setup. That will effectively help us to gain traction and start fundraising.