[APPROVED] Pumpopoly <> Gaming DAO April

Section 1. Main information:

Project Name: Pumpopoly


Project URL: https://pumpopoly.com/

Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/pumpopoly

Discord Server Address: Pumpopoly

Section 2. Game information:

About The Game:

Pumpopoly is an on-chain virtual real estate game. Drive to claim tokens. Use tokens to buy and improve land. Earn rent when players park at your property.

What is the USP ( unique selling point) of your game?:

Pumpopoly’s virtual real estate and tokens are issued along an exponential price curve. The supply of land is increased dynamically as players purchase it from the city. This ensures that there is always room for new entrants at a higher price. The dynamic land supply also ensures that players always have a positive expected value for “Drive & Claim”. Sellers can discount the increasing price when exiting.

The on-chain affiliate program pays players commissions to encourage on-boarding of new users.

After nearly 2 years on the mainnet, Pumpopoly’s in-game economy has proven to be self-sustaining. With the right support from the GamingDAO we will be able to scale this proven model.

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs?:

Players are incentivized to “Drive & Claim” and invite friends. “Drive & Claim” keeps players coming back for daily rewards, thereby increasing on-chain activity. The on-chain invite system rewards players for on-boarding new users. Users have recruited friends from off-line channels which are not typically crypto-aligned.

Please Describe Your User Demographic:

Crypto degens and casual gamers.

Source: Informal interactions with players on social media.

What is your Tech Stack?

The game is 100% on-chain. Contracts are in Rust. The current front-end is written in vanilla JS. Currently I am working on a new Rust frontend for desktop, web and mobile.

There is also an offchain Java based airdrop system. This is a traditional web2 style backend using Jetty and Postgres. The airdrop backend integrates with social media and verifies on-chain activity. Users are rewarded when all conditions have been met. The NEAR Java integration and Java Borsh lib is original.

Section 3. Status of the Project:

What is status of you project?

Live on the mainnet since March 18th, 2022

What is financial status of you project?

Bootstrapped (Team is covering expenses)

Monthly Burn Rate In USD:

Not applicable. Operating costs are negligible. Hosting is a sunk cost from other projects.

Section 4. Team
About Your Team:

How many Team Members are working on the project: one

Please Tell Us About Your Development Team:

Solo founder and developer.

Please Tell Us About Your BD Team:

Solo founder and entrepreneur. Experience selling online and offline. Automated lead generation from organic search is my core area.

Please Tell Us About Your Marketing / Community Building Team:

We partially rely on the community for moderation tasks. Users have been enthusiastic about their roles.

Section 5. Support
What Kind Of Support Is Needed?
Marketing and funding

Please provide more information about the selected areas:

We will be using the previously mentioned airdrop system for marketing. Funding will allow us to create larger airdrops, offer more rewards and reach a wider audience. Airdrops will boost user activity and on-board new users. This will have a knock-on effect on in-game valuations and encourage more user driven invites.

Our extensible airdrop system allows us to target specific user activities. Incentivizing users to hold tokens or complete in-game tasks is a proven and effective measure. Funding will allow us to increase the size and scope of our existing airdrop campaigns.

Development will continue on the new Rust client for web, mobile and desktop.

Section 6. Grants:
Grant Amount Requested: 5000 USD

Please provide a budget breakdown:

Continued development of the new Rust client.

4000 USD in land airdrops

1000 USD in daily activity rewards

Roadmap & Milestones:

New Rust based client for desktop, mobile and web. Some work has already been completed here.

Larger airdrops with lower barriers to entry. Everything is ready and tested from a technical and practical standpoint . We only need the funds to scale this up.

Have you applied for any other funding programs so far?
I’ve filled out numerous forms. If awarded, this will be the first grant I have received.

Section 7. NEAR integration
Will the game be NEAR exclusive or is it planned to integrate other chains or a web2 version?
NEAR exclusive


Congratulations! Gaming DAO is happy to support you in April with $5000

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