[PROPOSAL] Land of Clans - the next generation of P2E games based on NFT-pool and MarketMaker contract

We want to launch a new game on Near.

Who we are
We, the creators of the popular NEAR game LandToEmpire.com, have not stopped with the successes we had last year, which are:

  1. TOP5 Gaming projects in Near (by @near_insider Feb 2022)
  2. TOP10 Tokens in Near Ecosystem by holders (by @near_insider Sep 2022)
  3. TOP10 dApp by Everstake (by @everstake Oct 2022)
  4. TOP10 projects by active accounts (by @awesome_near Sep 2022)
  5. TOP5 Near games (by DappRadar)

And we have developed a new version of the game with improved graphics and, most importantly, with a new economic model, which is based on NFT-pool and contract market-maker. We have already tested this economic model on another blockchain and we have a confirmation of the hypothesis that it works much better than classical Play-to-Earn model and we got great feedbacks from players and their activity in the game increased several times.

The Problem
We managed to find the problematic place of the majority of classic Play-to-Earn games - the player’s access to the cache via the sale board - classic Nft-marketplace. Often such Nft ads hangs indefinitely and the owner is disoriented. There are thousands of NTFs for sale with no chance to be bought.

The Solution
Defi were the first who decided to use pools. And we thought that if we combine Nft+Pool, the game creates a pool in which tokens and nft are stored and the contract regulates the prices of individual types of nft-assets. This way we are guaranteed that all the Nfts put up for sale by players will be purchased by the MM contract and placed in the pool. Next, the purchased Nfts will be put on sale by MM at a surcharge, thus ensuring not only the operation of the pool, but also the income of the game creators.

The whole game becomes a global tournament. New players pay for participation in the tournament, 75% of the funds are transferred to the Nft-pool, so the funds will be guaranteed to be redistributed among the players.

What we want
We want to launch a new game on Near

What we need
A development grant.


Total Requested Funding Amount:

Game launch in 2 months - Since we already have experience developing on Near, it will take us 2 months to migrate and adapt to NEAR blockchain, Near.social and the BOS.

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Hey @k-o-l-e-s Evgeny from HG here. Thank you for your proposal.

I have a few questions that I would like an answer to.

  1. The Human Guild has already given you a grant of 10,000 NEAR(140 000$) for the game Land To Empire, could you please provide report to what these funds were spent on?

You also claim to be the top game on NEAR, but your twitter and discord are completely dead…


Thanks for the proposal, the idea with MM for game assets is really interesting.

I join the questions of @haenko and add a few of mine:

  1. Why don’t you just upgrade your existing game? DappRadar (to which you are referring) says your current game on NEAR has 100+ UAW for the last 24 hours (Unique Active Wallets). I guess these users would be glad to see such a great update. By the way, where does the increase of 15 percent come from if today there was no activity in your channels?

  2. How could you explain this chart from DappRadar. What led to such a strange jump and fixing at the almost constant level of UAW and transactions? I see there was no news in the game’s channels in December 2022 at all.

Thank you


I understand correctly, you made the game Land to Empire, which was stolen, because it’s just a mirror of Clash of Clans, they asked for $ 140,000 for it

Thank you for such good questions and I would be happy to answer them.

  1. Most of the value was taken by crypto-winter, and the rest went to pay developers (in our face), designers, marketers, advertising, hosting, hardware.

I want to take this opportunity to give some advice to all young people, if you got a 100K grant - change it for stable coins! No matter how much you admire technical perfection of blockchain, no matter how much you like the founders and core-team, no matter how much you believe in success and love blockchain, market may fall, remember that! And when it drops, you won’t be able to follow through. We did, we got lucky.

We are grateful to HG for the 10’000 NEAR grant that was given to launch the first version of the game on NEAR. Our goal was to launch the game. And we did it brilliantly: we did a lot of work half a year before the grant and the game launched on time, attracted over 5k players and has been supporting the game and its development since February 2022, for 15 months, during which we have made over 700 updates.

  1. Proofs of achievements

Thanks Garik!

  1. we thought for a long time how it would be better and decided to launch a new game, but without forgetting about our players. two games with different economic models will allow us to make a comparison that will be interesting to the community.

  2. The jump on the chart is explained by the fact that DappRadar changed its calculation algorithm and corrected the statistics retroactively, as a result of which we have a drawdown in statistics. But if someone has a screenshot for June/September 2022, then a different chart will be seen there, without correction. In December, you can see one of our contract update, and from that day on, dappRadar began to count everything correctly.

Could you please provide a more detailed report, what were the costs for marketing, advertising, salaries for developers (yours)?

Also, you say that you had 700 updates, but is there any evidence for this? To be honest, I logged into Land to Empire on the first day of its launch, and recently logged in. For me, nothing has changed, how is it possible, if you say that 700 updates were introduced, this is a very large number, and these updates should have been immediately evident.

Also, I analyzed your wallet and saw that you received another 3100 NEAR from NF, I’m assuming these funds were provided to you by Marketing DAO for marketing, so no marketing costs were incurred from the HG grant?

It is also known that you received a grant from Aurora to integrate EVM into your game, but this never happened, although a lot of time has passed…
How do you want to take on a new game if you haven’t delivered on your promise to the Aurora team?


Hello, wanted to give my feedback since I tried L2E on first day, bought a premium package and also retried the game every few months to check for updates.

In all this time social media was completly inactive and I never noticed any updates in the game. General there was no posting or news about this game. Ingame chat was also inactive, one chat once per week or even less.

So I got curious since on dappradar it says you have a lot of players and noticed this:

  1. dappradar tracks 10 different contracts, so even just sending one of your currencies counts as a “player” and falsified the playercount
  2. 90% of your “players” just call a failing transaction once per day and do NOTHING else, also it seems like they are connected to each other since they transfer a little bit of gas (to cover gas costs) to each other, some examples:
    NEAR Explorer | Account
    NEAR Explorer | Account
    NEAR Explorer | Account
    … (found like 20 more with that pattern)
  3. I checked dappradar for L2E from time to time and the wallet-count was usally at 100-200, when they switched to UAW (unquie active wallets, filtering obv. fakes) metrics, your playercount decreased to like 20. After a while it went back to 100-200.
  4. Based on pikespeak you had 430 unique different users in TOTAL since launch.

Based on this it looks like there are some kind of scripts/bots to pretend a playerbase you don’t have and never had.

Also I don’t see a NEAR integration of the game at all, all wallets interacting with your app just call a failing method “rand”, no other methods called.

Another point is that this project obv. rip offs intellectual property of supercell.


Hello how is your NF grant for integration with
Aurora. When launch on Aurora mainnet?


Thanks Danielzo!
You spent a lot of time analyzing and think you found the sevsk.near bot acount.
I will disappoint you, sevsk.near recently reported a bug to support, which we have already fixed, by the way. proof attached.

We have no bots, not one, all the traffic is organic.

I can give you a list of TOP1’000 active players and you can look for bots among them.

Any player you name as a bot, we will block in-game and ask to contact us via Telegram or Twitter, proving that the player is a live person. If no one contacts us, well, we’ve blocked the bot. But I assure you, everyone you name will respond, because we have no bots.

What would you say about Danielo 1, 3, and 4 points?

Thank you for your interest, Dacha.
There has been a delay with Aurora and plans have changed many times. I won’t reveal all the information now, but I can assure you, we are working on an EVM version of the game.

And I advise young teams to start their way with EVM first and then move on to unique blockchains.

@haenko I sent you a month ago an Excel spreadsheet of the Top1000 of our players and offered to indicate which of them bot. All of whom you pointed out turned out to be real people. And you continue to insist that we have bots, but you refuse to specify specific wallets.

We have no bots! If they appear, we will block them.

To be precise, according to the github repository, we have made 740 updates.

I agree that we have a primitive simple frontend.
But a complex backend, what can you do, that’s the game.

Then why does pikespeak say you’ve only had 429 players since launch?

How can we verify that these updates are made for game on NEAR and not for game on WAX? Also, could you please provide a link to the github

Also. Garik asked you an interesting question today, why did UAW grow by 15% per day if there was no any posts on your social networks?

Due to accusations of copywriting, we were faced with the need to redesign the game to make it look less like COC.
It took a team of three artists more than five months to render the entire line of several hundred Assets. We found a way out, did the work and came back with new art and new economics and offer to launch a new game. As a result, we will become even more experienced and come to Aurora even better.

I think the first step is to fulfill previous promises before asking for money for a new project…

Yes, we ourselves wondered what was going on, we do not do any advertising activity, but suddenly went a series of payments for land and registration of new players. (You can check this on the blockchain easily.)
The clue lies in the advertising activity of the official NEAR channels. When Near Marketing has an active marketing campaign - there are new people, fresh users in the entire Near ecosystem and we get some of that traffic. The last spike I remember was in January 2023. I wish it was more frequent:)