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Tank Metaverse is a next-gen cross-reality gaming platform with various DAO, DeFi, and GameFi solutions. We build a sustainable ecosystem with a deep personalization of user experience and gamification of blockchain, where users can interact, network, earn tokens, learn, have fun and create.

Tank Metaverse is a distant space in a far galaxy that brings together various characters of all shades. Among them are degens, blockchain enthusiasts, and other diverse personalities with different interests, senses of purpose, and backgrounds.

The game environment can be divided into two main entities:

Tankpolis is the capital of the metaverse. It’s a 3D virtual city that lies in the middle of boundless space. The city attracts users from any corner around to meet and interact there, in a kind of social game. There are public and private spaces there. Public spaces are used for meetings, events, networking, or any other public events. Private areas are presented as NFTs and can be purchased. Owners of the land can build some facilities there. For instance, people can make the representation of their own projects or art in Tank Metaverse. In the second example, users can buy land and build factories for yield farming and reach bonuses for Tank Arena.

The key traditional attraction of Tankpolis citizens is Tank Arena, where holders of NFT tanks compete for rewards in tokens, loot, and experience points that are later used for upgrading their units. It’s a 3D multiplayer battle game with realistic tank mechanics but a surreal entourage and some futuristic battle functions as well.

- Tank Arena game case

NFT tanks are divided into a range of types: light, medium, and heavy. This makes for interesting gameplay with personalized strategies according to the preferences of each player. Each tank, in turn, consists of basic modules: cannon, turret, hull, tracks, and engine. These modules have different levels and can vary according to the type of tank and player’s choice. By upgrading your modules you are raising the level of your tank. By earning experience, users can also upgrade their driver’s skills. A driver is a character of Tankpolis who is also sitting behind the wheel on Arena and uses his skills to bring more bonuses for tank qualities.

For NFT maintenance Tank Metaverse is developing its own NFT marketplace and minting module. As a result, users could not only sell and buy NFTs on the internal platform with minimal commissions but also remint their NFT after upgrading it to the next level, to rewrite its in-game qualities in metadata and change the picture if it’s required.

One of the key goals of Tank Metaverse is to attract users from classical game market through free-to-play models with step-wise onboarding into WEB3 features. That is why we focus on creating spectacular gameplay with thoughtful in-game mechanics and perfectly balanced economics.

In total, project architecture can be separated into 4 main modules:

  • Game dev (Tank Arena + Tankpolis)
  • Blockchain part (smart contracts and blockchain management parts on WEB)
  • Backend (server part that connects blockchain with game accounts)
  • NFT maintenance module

Tank Metaverse is a multiplatform and cross-chain ecosystem. In terms of game development, the desktop version is used for proof-of-concept stages and first MVPs as the most reliable platform for assembling and testing. In later steps, Tank Arena migrates to the mobile version, to provide an easy way of everyday experience for users in their spare time. Tankpolis will be later adopted for the WEB browser platform as a virtual 3D environment for a pleasant experience of a direct connection between blockchain and the game. However, desktop versions will be also supported for those who prefer higher performance. That is why Tank Metaverse has chosen the Unity engine, as it is able to be transformed on various platforms.

In terms of blockchain, Tank Metaverse uses a cross-chain of Near with ERC-20 standards (BSC) for the early stages. However, the main focus is on the potential of Near as a scalable and future-oriented network.

Now the project is in the production, community building, and fundraising stages. The team already has passed the main pre-production and art direction stages. The IDO is planned for the beginning of Q4 2022. Meanwhile, Tank Metaverse completed the proof-of-concept and discovery phase and has a playable demo ready for closed testnet. The public MVP release is scheduled for the end of September. The earlier versions are available for non-public testnet and public pre-MVP release in August.

Tank Metaverse is also building various cross-reality solutions that will be gradually implemented. AR solutions embody a satellite game module for the social mining mechanics and daily geocaching experience for fun, rewards, and content creation. Even in the initial steps, NFT tanks will be available in AR for user-generated content sharing.

Grey Bird Tank preview in AR is available on mobile devices

At the current stage, the project is actively building the environment and community. The team is open to cooperation and integration with common projects. The project is applying for grants in the meantime, that will be used for building blockchain solutions for Near and developing the nextgen social GameFi environment.

Thank you for your attention! Feel free to share your minds and contact me for any questions and suggestions.

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updated 27.06.22


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