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Hello @nima @frnvpr and @adrianseneca,
I would like to ask questions, but related to ethics and morals within NEAR.

At fraDAO, we have two designers who are councils, and even so I chose to create 02 bounty to strengthen the community and provide opportunities within our ecosystem.

1 - Are there possibilities for them (fraDAO councils @hiimf @raissalaban ) to sign up for the Bounty process? If no one is interested in our Bounty or if we don’t have the logo files in an open format, like Illustrator or something similar?

2 - If someone is interested in the bounty of the logos and post some attempt and we have to hire someone to continue the service, we can split the value?
I wouldn’t like to see an artist dedicate himself to doing something for our DAO, even if his work is not used in him attempt to work, we are concerned about contributing financially to him. I can’t live with people dedicating themselves to fraDAO without receiving anything.

3- if we don’t like the logos? or it’s an artificial intelligence logo, who created in some designer free platform of automatic logos?

How can i proceed?
Sorry about this, but i won’t to commit a mistake in our ecosystem.




to me, each community has it’s own ‘rules’, depending on what the community is looking for, needs, etc.
I suggest that you create bounties whenever you are outsourcing labor. That is, create a bounty when what your community needs is to ‘expand’ the number of people engaging.

If you need a logo and one member of your already existing community is a designer interested in doing the logo, I don’t see the point in creating a bounty.

Just my opinion, as there are no guidelines to manage how DAOs deal with their bounties.