Bounties | What does the NEAR Ecosystem Need

Howdy NEAR peeps,

With NEAR HACKS NYC around the corner (NEAR Hacks) we need your insight on what bounties will be the most useful for the ecosystem.

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To create a design work that show plants animals and other creature placing them according to their normal environment.

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Emotional write up showing experiences one have got in the past because it might prepare someone else for the challenge as we know we all going through different phases of life at different stage … what you are going through today can be someone else challenge tomorrow :woman_shrugging: and Your solution can help someone else too … so we can easily write something up about the most emotional or disappointing occurrence in our life …

had an idea, repo for autolisting to multiple nft marketplaces.

also Illia had the idea to build a NFT marketplace for NEAR implicit accounts