[HELP WANTED] Bounty Metadata

Hello everybody, in the DAO builder group we have been exploring the idea of creating a chain agnostic DAO bounty metadata standard.

Please refer to this document to help draft such a specification out.

Also we are aggregating different Web3 bounty platforms to understand the schema across different bounties, how they are called between different platforms, so a Bounty aggregator can easily map across them. That is being done on this document Bounty Metadata Aggregation - Google Sheets

We are looking to crowdsource this process through…. you guessed it……bounties. Comment below if you are interested.


  • Many non-DAO bounty platforms are emerging. For example, Ideas list on NEAR.social, ideas can be directly funded. This is different from ASTRO DAO where DAO treasuries are funded and then a proposal is made to allocate a portion of these funds to a bounty. In the future there may be a way to fund individual proposals put forth by AstroDAO.
  • Rather than have freelancers, bounty hunters, and so on , be silo’d to one application for seeking bounty/work opportunities, we rather allow bounty aggregators to map bounties across all on-chain applications and pick work from a wide array of options. In the NEAR ecosystem we believe in decentralized front ends, so we are not proposing we make such an application, but rather designing in an interoperable schema/interface to making such “open work” possible
  • It is important to distinguish this from time based or salary based roles that are most commonly displayed in traditional job boards where a person works for x hours under a general description for x period of time or indefinitely and payouts happen on a bimonthly or constantly streamed to a wallet. For this type of work there needs to be a different metadata standard.