I have questions regarding how to post a bounty, please forgive if this isn't the place for this question

Hello all, my name is Johnny. I am new here and trying my best to catch up. I have a project I believe I solve by offering a bounty to help with the completion of that project. Im not entirely sure I understand how to go about posting it. Do I as an individual post it here or do I post through a DAO I am a member of. This is a project im responsible for within the DAO so once again is it me who posts the bounty or the DAO? Please forgive me if this is not the place to ask and if it isn’t please show me where I do ask such a question. Thanks so much in advance for any time you share with me regarding my inquiry.

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How are you today?

You can

  1. Post the bounty and add the tag bounty if not associated with any DAO
  2. Post the bounty and add the tag bounty as well as the DAO it is associated with.

If You are the coordinator of the bounty, it is your job to post it.


hey @johnnyonthespot whats the oroject about? lets start with posting it into the right section Ecosystem/Community/Creatives/Degelopment/Validators/Educatuon and then tag all relevant daos ppl and ones who might be interested in it


Please provide some info about the project so we can better know what category it falls in. Thanks!