Harsimar - Meta Pool Ambassador Working Activities for March, 2024

Month Work Report - March 2024

Week 1

  • Thread: Meta Pool Monthly Recap - February 2024
  • Video: Explore mpETH pools with YearnFi and AjnaFi. Hindi guide available!
  • Infographic: Explore diverse staking opportunities with Meta Pool! Earn attractive APYs on top blockchains like ETH, SOL, NEAR, AURORA, and Q Blockchain.

Week 2

  • LinkedIn Post: :rocket: META migration to mpDAO: April 15th, 2024. 47 days left! :date:
  • Lens Post: :rocket: META migration to mpDAO: April 15th, 2024. 47 days left! :date:
  • Thread: Governance Tokenomics Reset, ushering Meta Pool towards decentralization and community empowerment with the transition to mpDAO.
  • Offline Workshop: Hosted an offline workshop explaining Meta Pool, its features, and upcoming updates on token migration and mpDAO token launch.

Week 3

  • Infographic: Only 40 days left until Meta Pool’s transformation into $mpDAO!
  • LinkedIn post: Prop 3 - Governance Tokenomics Reset
  • Thread: Only 18 days left until the migration begins!

Week 4

  • Infographic: Only 30 days left to see the $mpDAO

  • LinkedIn: Meta Pool March Month Summary

  • Medium: Meta Pool March Month summary in Hindi

  • Additional: Continued engagement through official Meta Pool Posts follow-up sessions from the offline workshop, addressing queries and providing further insights into Meta Pool’s developments and the upcoming token migration to mpDAO.

  • Upcoming Plans: Planning to host multiple Twitter Spaces in the Month of April.