[Guide] What is a Creative Guild Leader?

What is a Creative Guild Leader?

The leaders of the NEAR Guilds supporting groups of creatives (i.e. Createbase, NxM Guild (Near x Music), VR DAO, Graffiti DAO, Arroz Criativo DAO, Minting Music DAO, and more) are who we consider as leaders of creative Guilds or are who we refer to as ‘Creative Guild Leaders.’

Or a Creative Guild Leader could also be you - if you’re interested in forming and leading a specific kind of creative community group that does not already exist.

If you would like to start a creative community within the NEAR ecosystem for a category/topic that doesn’t exist yet, please:

These are creatives in the traditional artistic sense - with a bit of VR thrown in - of all disciplines and skill sets, and if you’re interested in learning more about the Creative Guilds at NEAR search this Forum using the different Creatives subcategories and tags. Reach out if you’re looking to get involved!

We would be happy to have you as a member of the NEAR Creative Community. As always, please reach out to the Creatives DAO council members (@chloe @mecsbecs) if you have any questions or comments!


Dear Mecsbecs (couldn’t tag you due to restriction),
I have come here in search of a grant to fund the Animus Art Festival, which we’ve been organising on Torum SocialFi (animusians com/aafot).
I am an experienced writer, online event organiser and community builder. The purpose of our events is to discover and rally enthusiasm around promising creative talent, as well as to promote the projects of our patrons and community-build for them.
At present, we require funding for salaries and equipment to enable two people to work on the Festival full-time to create a sustained marketing campaign and community growth.
Could you kindly guide me on the best way to apply to the Near Foundation for this grant?
Thank you so much in advance and have a great day!

So the “apply now” button is gone from the Near guild website. So how do we create a new community? I’m working to build the livest community of musicgoers in Texas.

Hey @geoppls, thank you for you interest in the Creatives DAO. The DAO activities is still going on and we are open for proposal. Please visit https://creativesdao.org/ for more information about the guidelines & read our charter (which is being reviewed by the community) for the comprehensive information of CDAO’s activities

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