[Gig Position] NEAR | CON Creative Activations Lead

As part of my personal day-to-day as a NEAR Foundation MarCom team member, I have been assisting @yadira and @rosanna1 on the Events team with Guilds and creative community involvement in the upcoming NEAR | CON event.

It became apparent to me very quickly that someone ‘on the ground’ in the Lisbon area - familiar with the NEAR creative community and with exhibition logistics experience - would be needed to assist with the curation and execution of the various creative activations. Someone altogether more than a standard exhibition curator, as NEAR | CON will be unfolding on physical and virtual planes.

Here’s how the role for the Creative Activations Lead has been established:

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Liaise with creative partners to envision and execute the NEAR creative activations at NEAR | CON (Oct. 26 & 27 with set-up and take-down time):

    • NFT Gallery
    • VR Exhibition
    • Happy Hour musical entertainment / live musical commitment
    • Still photography & videography, workshop room animation
    • MetaVerse engagement (i.e. virtual after parties);
  • Liaise with and source information from the creative partners to the NEAR | CON Production Agency so all logistical and technical requirements for the physical creative activations are accounted for;

  • Potential assistance with set-up and take-down of the creative activations;

  • Attend daily to weekly syncs with Rebecca, meetings with partners & Production agency as required, attendance at daily NEAR | CON internal syncs, and other NEAR | CON related meetings as relevant;

  • Post-NEAR | CON reporting which would include sourcing testimonials from creative partners and the amalgamation of metrics such as # of transactions related to NEAR | CON on their NFT marketplace, most active NFT store, etc. from these partners and from the internal NEAR Core team.


  • Duration of the position would be from September 1 until November 30 (tentative end date) to accomplish all wrap-up and reporting
  • Deadline for the full draft of the blue-print for all creative activations is September 16
  • From there, we will kick off into detailing logistics until launch of NEAR | CON on Oct. 25 (Day 0 - for registration, etc.)
  • Take-down and wrap-up to begin on Oct. 28

There was only one super-star who could fill this role and that is @tabear - co-founder of the muti DAO, current muti DAO council representative on the Lisboa City Node DAO, former community manager at Arroz Estudios (Arroz Criativo Guild), and creative project manager extraordinaire.

Please post with regular updates as to your progress and so as to form the basis of your monthly payout requests from the communitysquad.sputnikdao.near. Depending on the number of hours dedicated each week within a month, the hourly rate will be between EUR 20-30/hour. Considering the tight turnaround at the beginning of the position for the September 16 deadline, more than the standard 8 hours/day may be required and so a higher rate within this range will be given to compensate for dedicated over-time.

Thank you, Tabea, for agreeing to work through all this with me and to lead how the Lisbon and global NEAR creative community will be featured and celebrated at the first ever NEAR | CON!


Hey everyone!
Thank you @mecsbecs for getting me onboard, I am very much looking forward connecting all those amazing Guilds and creative partners in the physical space in Lisbon!

We have divided the workflow in different steps. I am in the process of contacting all possible partners to understand the possible participation. After the meeting with the production company we will have more infos on what is physically possible and I will get back to the partners to confirm the final contribution at NEAR|CON.

Here comes a report of my first week (1.-3.9.):

  • 3 syncs with Rebecca 3h
  • Working on the production sheet, creating the workflow and creating a specific Guild/Creative partners involvement sheet 3.7h
  • Contacting possible partners to set up meetings & introduce the project (NxM, Paras, NFT Club, Arroz Criativo, Incubadora DAO, CUDO DAO) 0.5h
  • Working on the floor plan/ set up 1h
  • Meeting with CUDO DAO/Heverton 1h
  • Meeting with Incubadora DAO 1h
  • Meeting with Nxm/Vandal 0.5h
  • Meeting with Arroz Criativo 0.5h
  • Meeting with Rebecca & Rosanna to give updates 1.5h

total: 12.7h

Let me know if there are links for visibility or any other infos missing that you would like to see in this report :slight_smile:


Thank you, @mecsbecs and tabear for hitting the ground running! Excited to see these updates posted on here and to make NEAR | CON a great event for everyone.


summary of this week (6.-10.9.):

6.9. Riqi & preparation
meeting Rebecca
meeting mintbase
meeting Naveen
contacting daos
7.9. mintbase research
sync Rebecca
8.9. Sync rebecca
hype & preparartion
Jose Green Nfts
nearcon production meeting
Rebecca & Yadira sync
timeline sheet
9.9. Heverton/Cudo
sync Rebecca
prod sheet, neocon content meta
10.9. Rebecca Sync
design meeting & prep
creative sync & prep

total 21.25



Summary of the week 13.-17.9.:

13.9. Rebecca sync
Live stream & video contacts, technical lead communications
14.9. Rebecca sync
Visual assets doc, contacting creative partners, production meeting
Creative activation brief, VR DAO contact
15.9. Rebecca Sync,
Creative activations brief- full draft; Visual assets;
Creative partners content for prod. Agency;
Production sheet,
Store research
16.9. Rebecca Sync
Creatives Partner sheet
NEAR I CON weekly
Social media meeting, Trello
17.9. Video Content Meeting
Creative activations sync
contacting partners & setting up Creatives Lounge TG channel, Updating meta content sheet & collecting promo assets


total: 22.75h



Summary of the week 20.-25.9.:

20.9. Rebecca Sync
Visual assets
Communication prod. Agency & creative partners
Daily sync
21.9. Partners contact/promo assets
Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
Production meeting
Promo assets, meeting set up, miro board
22.9. Rebecca sync
Schedule, contacting partners / promo assets
Daily sync
Sync with Rebecca & Yadira
23.9. Rebecca daily sync
Creative activations sync
Metaverse meeting
Updating schedule/meta doc
24.9. On site visit
Meeting with production agency
Contacting creative partners

55€ travel cost
25.9. Creative Partners activation 1.5
total 17.5h

& 55€ travel


As we’re nearing (ha!) the end of the month, it is time to issue your first payment for work completed thus far:

First period (Sept 1-17) - 56.7 h x 30/hr = EUR 1,701*
Second period (Sept 18-25) - 17.5 h x 20/hr = EUR 350
Travel reimbursement = EUR 55

Total = EUR 2,106

EUR → USD: $2,465.04
USD → NEAR (@ $7.31): 338 N

Please post for your first payment of 338 N to the Community Squad SputnikDAO as this work has been undertaken to best represent the creative community but as part of the overall community involvement efforts at a NEAR official event. Since there’s no Events DAO (yet!) the Community Squad DAO is the best fit for this proposal to my mind.

*justification for the higher rate in this period: we had a September 16 deadline for the full mapping of all activations and the work and availability expectation was such that Tabea would be able to complete all this initial work in only 2 weeks, which she did.


Thank you, payout request is sent :slight_smile:



Summary of the last week:

27.9. Contacting creative partners & collecting assets
Rebecca sync
Daily sync
28.9. Rebecca Sync
Social media meeting
Daily sync
Production meeting
Updating brief
29.9. Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
Partners contacting
30.9. Rebecca Sync
Heverton & Lucas NFT video talk
Contacting creative partners
Daily sync
Sync with Rebecca & Chad
1.10. Rebecca Sync
Guilds & Creative Activations Sync

total: 15.5.h

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Happy Monday,

Summary from 4.-8.10.:

4.10. Collecting assets
Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
Contacting partners/collecting assets/ musical curation
5.10. Contacting creative partners & collecting assets
Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
6.10. Rebecca sync
Swag meeting
Daily Sync
Assets/partner contacts, rooftop entertainment
7.10. Collecting & organising assets
Contacting creative partners
Daily sync
8.10. Rebecca Sync
Contacting partners

total: 18h


Summary of the last week: 11.-15.10.

11.10. Rebecca sync
Contacting partners
Collecting assets
Daily sync
12.10. Music
Contacting partners
Slides City Node
CV integration
Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
Production meeting
Cudo meeting
13.10. Partners communication
Bluetooth research
City node slides
Qr codes/mock ups
Licensing list DJs
Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
14.10. Set up details
Installation team
Assets for CV
Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
15.10. Rebecca Sync
Creatives activations sync
Daily sync

total: 28.25h

Hello, next summary 18.-21.10.

Rebecca Sync
Dreamteam Sync
Heverton Meeting
Partners, gallery, schedule for creative activations
19.10. Rebecca Sync
Daily sync
Community Choice Awards screen
QR codes
Metaverse integration
20.10. Presentation
Rebecca Sync
NFT Videos
21.10. NFT Videos 1

total: 14h

NEARCON (physically in Lisbon, 22.-27.10.)

22.10. 13
23.10. 6.5
24.10. 7
25.10. 7
26.10. 11.5
27.10. 11.5.

total: 45h

  • 53€ transport (Bus, uber, petrol)
  • 7€ props (sanitation props VR gallery)

Thank you very much for offering me this opportunity @mecsbecs aka the super woman ! I enjoyed it a lot & I hope everyone else had fun with our creative activations :slight_smile:

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Third period (Sept 27-Oct 21) - 61.75 h x 20/hr = EUR 1,235
Fourth period (Oct 22-27) - 45 h x 30/hr = EUR 1,350*
Reimbursements = EUR 60

Total = EUR 2,645

EUR → USD: $3,051.58
USD → NEAR (@ $11.50): 266 N (rounded up)

Please post for this payment of 266 N to the Community Squad SputnikDAO linking to this post.

*event rate applied for odd and long hours with last minute changes

I literally would not have been able to do this without you and all the compliments we received on our killer creative activations filled me with such shared joy and pride. Looking forward to tackling wrap-up starting next week!

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