[GIG INDEX] The gig base for all NEARians

Awesome!! Really like this concept


Digital artist/Ux designers
I’m also into music production & modelling

I would like to use a chance to present myself and my skill set

For the past 3 years, I’ve worked on various design projects including websites, outdoor and print advertisements, brand logos, and book illustrations. Using mostly Adobe Creative Suite & figma together, I have implemented successful design solutions for more than 50 clients, including brands such as Brand carvers, Smart print, Ace, Ict fingers etc. I have an end-to-end understanding of project development from concept to solution, and from pitch to discussed implementation.
I really hope I can be of service to someone here in the near community.

I’ll just drop few of my work here:

Im also a fashion designer(couturier) so in the event anyone wants to create custom unique clothing I’m your guy



Real nice stuff you got on going man :100:


Feel free to add your services too so other people see what you’re up to :slight_smile:


Hi sir, this is Aditya a self learned creator. I have learned through my mistakes. The same approach I carry when I learn something new and different. I will keep the same approach while working for near.

Previous work and designs -

I have created recently elrondtips nft.
Recently I have created a small creation for near community as well.

My near wallet address is - @chauhankumarsingh2134.near

What makes me different from others -
I prefer continuous learning and never stop learning approach.


Hi I’m Adesoji
I am an artist, enthusiast and Community builder.
I love NFTs that have utilities and nice roadmaps.
I am into Digital and Affiliate Marketing as well.
I love Sustainable Development Goals And I preach sustainability.

I Manage social media accounts too, proofread and dish out tasks as well.

I am bilingual I speak English and Espanol

I’ll be glad to connect with as many as possible here.


I am Elisha Jabani

A content creator, community moderator and Manager, public speaker, and a junior developer still learning.


Hi tabear! I love that you created this thread. Getting a better understanding of all the people in NEAR is super helpful. I actually thought about doing some more than a forum thread at NEARhumans.com where anyone in NEAR could share their profile, skills, and links. I would love to chat with you if you are interested to get more involved.


I’m unfortunately not able to open that website but feel free to shoot a msg. This thread was meant to be just a start so people could exchange skills etc., happy to develop it further :slight_smile:

Ya, the website is nothing burger right now. I got the domain in late December but haven’t officially kicked off yet. Planning to do so soon.

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wow it make things easier

Hello, my name is Libby!

My skill-set includes (but not limited to :wink: :

Marketing & Networking (communications)
Strong knowledge/understanding of the Crypto market

I am currently based in La Paz, BCS, Mexico. I am from the US.
I have a desire to work on educating and helping to onboard/introduce individuals to the world of Crypto, DAOs, etc. I would love to be able to do such work with NEAR protocol - being as it is such a vast ecosystem!


Hey!!! I’m in Vancouver too! Let’s connect? NEAR -

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Hello there NEARians,

I’m Gabe, a multidisciplinary designer, based in Kenya. I’m currently focused on enhancing the UX of blockchain projects and dApps and my services include:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototyping with Figma and Framer
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy on Notion
  • Automation with Nodemation (n8n)
  • Web Development
    • JavaScript (React, NodeJS, Ionic)
    • Webflow
    • Databases/CMS (Airtable, Sanity, MongoDB, Firestore, Notion)
  • Graphic Design (Carousels, Banners, Pitch Decks, Logos)

This list is not conclusive, but it highlights the areas of focus based on my strengths. If anything stands out for you, I’m happy to chat on:
Discord @irinagabe#1338
Telegram @irinagabe


Hi, this is Aditya

A short intro - I have tested (Testnet project) 100 successful Project before its launch. Some examples are dfi, monox and recent one is accessifi (it is an nft project)
So, here I am going to clarify one more thing and the thing is I am not designer and even not a content writer but still as a back tester participant I can be the part of project.


My Name is Rotex. I’m an Alternative music artist ,songwriter from Nigeria. I also am a creative director for an audio/visual content creation and lifestyle company(Imitor Hq). I’m new on the Near platform and I’m still trying to figure how things work here. It’d be nice to meet other creatives to collaborate, exchange ideas ,join/build communities and what not. Looking forward to a fulfilling experience on this platform.
Below are links to some of my content pages .
Sending out peace,Love and light to all members.





20 years in design and photo/video. Have worked for printers, agencies + magazines doing print, brand + front end web design. Self employed for the last 10 years in video production.

Collective Thought Media (ctmedia)




Hello, I am Kagi and I’ve been very passionate about photography and art ever since I was young. I love taking pictures to capture every single beautiful memories we have and I became appreciative because of it. Photography also make me love the idea of sharing and inspiring other people through it. And when I discovered the field of Crypto and NFTs, it became an opportunity for me to share my works to the large community of Crypto.

Name: Kagi
Near Wallet: kagi.near

Links/Socials/Previous Works:

Twitter: kagi_near
IG: kagi_arts13
Paras ID: kagi.near
Previous works: Glass Shots “KPHOTOGRAPHY” available only in Paras.

Link: PHOTOGRAPHY #1 — Paras


I love the editing on the pictures
It’s nice​:+1:
It shows that you are good at what you do :+1:

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[Stage and light Engineer]

I’m Veekoncept from Nigeria and a lover of near protocol


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