[GIG INDEX] The gig base for all NEARians

Hey everyone,

as the service DAPP is not developed yet, we’ll start a thread where everyone interested can list their skills and services which can be paid with NEAR.

Drop a short bio or links & the provided service in the comments so that people can connect with you.


  • [DESIGN]
  • intro/overview if desired
  • name&wallet
  • links/socials/previous works

Add your area in the beginning, for ex. [PHOTOGRAPHY], [DESIGN], [SOUND ENGINEERING ] etc. in the beginning so that everyone can find easily what they are looking for.

(Ideas for a different way of structuring it are welcome)

Happy Nearin’ & connecting :slight_smile:


[overview Introduction]:
I am a lover of the Near protocol.
[Name and wallet]:
[link / social / previous works]:
I also proudly designed the NFT for the OCTOPUS event (As an NFT gift for the Paras platform event):

NFT design for Marma J Foundation on Paras :


[3d Artist/Motion Designer]

Creating digital art with VR and 3d tools on the blockchain since September 2020.

RenderedFlesh: renderedflesh.near


Hello! My name is Mark Waldron-Hyden (or Waldy if you’re feeling friendly). I am a producer, composer and sound engineer, from Ireland based in Lisbon. I love working with audio in any way possible be it composing music, recording music for myself and others or audio editing for podcasts/radio/film. I have two monthly radio shows in Ireland (DDR) and France (CAMP FM), where I present and DJ music I love and also share results of sound-art experiments and research I undertake. I also love sharing knowledge with others and showing people how they can make music themselves and giving people autonomy over their own sound :slight_smile:

Services I provide:
Sound Engineering
Mixing and Mastering
Session musician (drums and composition)
Audio Editing for podcast/radio
Lessons in music production, composition, drums and music theory.

Wallet: mwhyden.near

links/socials/previous works:
Instagram: @markwaldronhyden

Any and all of my work can be found on my Linktree here, including two recent releases featuring underwater recordings and a percussion album solely performed on trees :slight_smile: :

Most recent solo album project:

Recent Live album I recorded and mixed:



Hello All, I am a Vancouver based multi media artist and business developer on a quest to bringing the blockchain at the forefront of our practices, Near has been the single most welcoming and active player in this new environment and for this I am very happy to be able and share this information with you. P.S Thank you NEAR and @tabear for starting this thread!!

Name - Konstantin
Wallet - Konsounds.near

Links (All visual aspects in the Instagram links are original works)



Muito bom dia!

My name is Eddie (aka ted.iv). Originally hailing from Ireland, I have been based in Portugal for the past 5 years. I am a graphic designer and illustrator who also works/plays in the realm of music and sound. Always open for some creative collaboration.

Co-founder, organiser and sound techinician for Garden Collective
fb:- Redirecting...
insta:- Login • Instagram

Design work:

Most recent design project:
mutidao logo and brand manual


Still is it open or closed.

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This is not a bounty but simply a list/database which can be used by everyone. If you’d like to add your services or contact any of the artists/providers above, feel free to do so :slight_smile:
Long term goal would be to have plenty of options in this list :slight_smile:

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[overview Introduction]:
An artist using generative networks together with standard tools for designers such as Adobe and Blender. Project i am currently working on is to reincarnate most appreciated figures from the history with AI. In short, reincarnation process assumes coloring and animating in order to to bring ancestors back to life.

I am also a lover of the Near protocol. I love how usage is very simplified. Transfering funds from Binance or similar markets to Near wallet was never easier.

[link / social / previous works]:

Work minted on Paras:

All the rest links can be found here:

Thank you!


Frontend developer, graphic design and translator

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Hello everyone! My name is Paulo and I’m a 3D creator from Brazil.
I make 3D stuff with Blender, Substance Painter, Mixer and Bridge.
With everything optimized I can then put all together on a Mozilla Hubs and make a full custom new metaverse style VR scene to meet with people on it.

Basically you can meet with people INSIDE a 3D custom space, like these:

paulosamurai.near :white_check_mark:

[ OpenSea ]

I hope to be able to help you with your project or maybe we can start building something new! :smiley:

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Design, Marketing, Frontend Development, Video editing.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AddVic_e
Instagram: Login • Instagram

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And people thought it was a bounty, and tomorrow there will be a new Summer cottage in the Maldives)))