[December] Galaxy online project opportunity: help us with community management

Hi Sandboxers,

Our preparation for Christmas is in full swing. We are happy to introduce the collaboration with Galaxy Online.

Galaxy Online is a free to play sci-fi strategy game, where you can move across the universe, conquering territories of space and have numerous battles with other players.

One of the tempting elements of the game is the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without any prior investments. The unique feature of the Galaxy is that every race represents different blockchains.

Let’s join the opportunity, play and earn together! :slight_smile:

As the game has a huge community, our goal is to support Galaxy Online community management… We are looking for a person who knows how to handle Discord and has some empathy to help navigate others on the platform :slight_smile:

We are looking for an enthusiast who is available on a monthly basis, committing 10-14 hours weekly (around 2h daily).

We are looking for a person who can cover working hours during the day within the GMT-8 timezone.

The candidate should be able to play the game himself or be interested in playing it. In the latter case, we will provide a mentor who will teach a candidate how to play.


  • Excellent English and Russian verbal and written communication.

  • Experience creating, configuring and moderating multiple Discord servers

  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab.Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno, Tip.cc, etc.)

  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Discord (100+ members each)

  • Basic knowledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem

  • Gaming background

  • Nice personality to help others!

:moneybag:Reward: :moneybag:

600 USD/month

:fire:Deadline for the call: :fire:

24th of December

Contact me to start the collaboration


Im interested but about the multiple dicord server manage awhh :broken_heart: but i used to manage group chats and a group community before till Now.

Hi, can you speak Russian as well?

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Just english maam :point_right::point_left:

I talk and Chat in servers Group chat with english Only :relaxed: but if i cant understand the other language of my clients and whom im talking with i use translator for It . I really Like this opourtunity not because of the price per month for this Job but also to become a part of your community handling people and exploring other people around the community . Price for this Job is also a extra reward for it .

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Thank you for the pro-activity! We are looking for a Russian-speaking person because also working calls will be in Russian

However, I invite though to participate in the Christmas activities on our Discord Discord and don’t forget they we have monthly rolling opportunities as well

Happy to see you onboard! :wink:


Thank You Very Much​:heart::heart:

Hello, @AnaNastya
Nice to Meet You Again
Shubham+Maheshwari+Resume.pdf (226.4 KB)

I like to part of Game Galaxy online , Community Managers or Moderator

I Have All the skills which your project looking for

I had worked with So many projects like
Coinsbit Exchange , Sheepdex , Brokoli Network and Open Leverage and Bank Sea Finace
All projects are big in terms of future’development and Valuation

Attached My Resume -
Give Me these Opportunity I Will be your company best assest :rocket:

Community management
Business development
Photo Editing
Video Editing
Content Creation
Social media

It takes serious time and efforts to build a community
Organic growth is the first stage to start with.
I can help you with instagram, twitter, Facebook by putting out content, this will kick start the journey of organic growth.
I can create daily content for your Twitter, instagram, Facebook, and start getting more people join in organically.
Organising events, AMAs, giveaways. these are events that are not organic but can be very effective ways to build a community!!
We can organize AMAs on the telegram to bring in engagement and put a small reward for the people participating in the AMA.
There are promotional groups, we can take advantage off. These are big communities with large fan following, by collaborating with them, we can attract a lot of audience to our community.

I am a very resourceful person and will be very glad to work with your team. My content creations are truly eye catching and helps drive a lot of traffic. I really hope you consider this proposal as I believe at my current salary requirement, I will be a perfect candidate to hire in the Blockchain ecosystem.

I can help in growing your community through Discord community management, post adverts for your company. And help in the community growth part of it.

Hoping to hear from your side.
Thank you very much for your time.

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My name is Denis.
I am from Russia and currently is a 3rd-year student of PR profile. I am quite fluent in English and it is common for me to speak with people from all over the globe using Discord. I just love it!
I was and is an admin on a few discord servers, but they are quite chill and doesn’t require much adult supervision :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . The biggest server I ever got to moderate is Starbase Official Discord.
I love games a lot, maybe even a bit shamefully lot. It is common for me and my buddies to come to play together online.
Oh! And I know how to configure discord bots. I pretty much had to learn it, because music bots got DMCA’ed and we had to make our own.

I am much interested in this great offer, please feel free to ping or DM me.


Interested to join this project.

Hey, do you speak Russian?

Hi @DenisKorepanov, thank you for your collaboration in February
The reward 600 USD is approved
You can proceed with the link on this post with Astro DAO proposal (there is no need for the separate post on forum anymore)

@ViniciusGCP94 !!! amazing