Funding Blockchain Clubs in the Summer with Quadratic Funding

Hey everyone, The Summer Blockchain Club Funding Round has officially started! Link to round

For the next three weeks, we invite you to donate or be a sponsor to the Pot. This is a fantastic opportunity to support Blockchain Clubs with a positive impact on Blockchain’s future. The Blockchain Club is dedicated to advancing blockchain technology and its applications.

To verify your humanity, simply head over to to get verified. This helps your donation to be quadratically matched, giving you a higher impact on the project you are supporting.

You can also choose to sponsor the Pot by adding funds to the matching pool, which will automatically increase the impact of all projects in the round. This is a great way to amplify your contribution and support all projects at once.

By supporting this project, you’ll contribute to their initiatives, including research, onboarding, teaching and development that can help shape the future of this innovative field.

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