Marketing DAO | Quadratic Funding Round via Potlock - May 2024 Request

On-chain proposal Marketing DAO by ndcdev.near | Near Social


  • Create new funding mechanisms for creatives outside of bottom down proposal approach, rather than top down funding by council
  • Drive external capital outside of NEAR Foundation & NDC to marketing initiatives that support NEAR and Web3 adoption
  • Setup project profiles for marketing community
  • SIgn up more humans and improve sybil resistance
  • Enroll projects to get year round donations and not be dependent on entirely Marketing DAO funding
  • Emphasize on chain referrals as way to earn to drive growth and track traction between marketing KOL


  • Quadratic funding is a marketing initiative to have projects bring in their network to verify humans / unique users that bring in capital, and incentives them accordingly
  • There has not been attempt to bring in external funding, this will be a measure of success and clear KPIs to see marketing pull of projects directly to on chain activity
  • Get projects to start doing on chain updates and move to this process. Have users interact with over 5 contracts.
  • Drive memes and meme coin adoption and set the standard for future NEARIAN and citizen based rounds
  • Pilot half of marketing dao budget into directly on chain incentives
  • Support rejected projects and see if they have more community support than incumbent

Past Projects That Got Approved

  • Shitzu
  • Neko Morning Show
  • Near at Night

Rejected Projects

  • NEAR at Night
  • NEAR Insider
  • More TBA….

Potlock as a platform

  • Anyone can run a round as a permissionless contract
  • Anyone can come and fund and grow the pot
  • Audited by Ottersec and Guvenkaya
  • Already 150+ projects signed up
  • Traction this quarter with 5 scheduled quadratic funding rounds

Marketing Related Traction

  • Already showing marketing initiatives and $1000 through donations
  • Initiatives associated

Round Details

Owner (who deploys pot) marketinground.near
Admin(s) (optional) Marketingdao council (Lorraine)
Chef TBD (no conflict person that can gain fees from boosting entire round up)
Application Period April 20 - April 27th (tentatively, depending on trust approval)
Matching Period 3 weeks (tentatively at the end of application date)
Cooldown / Challenge Amount 1 week
Max Number of Applications 20
Fees Optional Fees 5% Sponsor Referrals, 5% donor referrals, 5% chef

It is recommended there is a chef with fees without direct conflict of interest (but also a subject matter expert to Marketing DAO & preferably in a developing region where incentives can be well aligned). On-chain fees for chefs are optional but would test the thesis that direct incentivizes for round managers increase quality of round for donors, bringing in additional donors and sponsors.

Also it is the responsibility of chef and admins to KYC before payouts are calculated, recommending that they must KYC to get in the round.

Short list / Examples

Examples of projects that we would love to see in the round. The following is just a recommendation, other projects can apply, and these projects will still have to apply, but just Examples of people in the ecosystem that put their heart out into the ecosystem more than they are expected…

  • Cade (Joyage Kingdom)
  • Chill and Shill
  • Near Media and News
  • Wild User Interviews
  • Near at Night
  • NEKO
  • Anyone

Project Requirements

  • Support ecosystem in NEAR and provide free marketing service to ecosystem
  • Build tooling that is open source for marketing initiatives or that streamline onboarding Ii.e shard dog)

Funding Ask

  • $30,000 in NEAR


  • 300 unique donations

  • 20 marketing projects onboarded

  • 10,000 + social media impressions

  • $2,000 raised in external donations (Expecting at least 20% generated through external funding)

  • 300+ accounts (that are high value as they donate)

  • 5 Content pieces (blog, articles, videos)

  • Lesson Learned: report and retrospective

We are expecting that projects actively engage their community to donate (thus bringing value to the chain) in order to get funding rounds. Additionally in the future this will serve as. We will be guiding projects and profiles on how to sync twitter with BOS, and utilize our share feature to gain engagement on BOS.


Payout Wallet

Directly into contract from Marketing DAO account via platform (marketing.v1.potfactory.potlock.near) → will be deployed at Potlock for instructions on how to sponsor PotLock