[APPROVED] CreativesDAO Nov Request - Pilot Quadratic Funding Round for Creative Public Goods via PotLock

PotLock is a funding platform with direct donations & onchain referrals completely built on BOS. In Q1 we will be rolling quadratic funding rounds in which donations from verified humans will be matched. The following proposal is asking to go completely to redistribution to Creative communities in one of the first pilot rounds.


  • Create new funding mechanisms for creatives outside of bottom down proposal approach, rather than top down funding by council
  • Drive external capital outside of NEAR Foundation & NDC to creative communities
  • Setup project profiles for creatives community
  • SIgn up more humans and improve NDC sybil resistance
  • pilot first quadratic funding on NEAR
  • Create engage for onchain activity through direct donations, matched amounts
  • Reinforce narrative of creatives dao supporting new funding mechanisms and public goods in the space
  • Create social media hype sharing through social.near contract
  • Gauge how much support each creatives community has and use as reputation in future funding rounds
  • Enroll projects to get year round donations and not be dependent on entirely CDAO funding

To this date

  • We have direct donations live with onchain referrals
  • 25+ projects registered
  • 100 unique donations
  • Quadratic funding contracts done
  • Team of Ops Lead, Architect/PM Researchers, Full Stack Dev, and Designers
  • Proof of Regen SBT & BOS Dashboard
  • 270+ telegram
  • 500+ followers on NEAR Impact and Potlock


  • 2 week round
  • Application Period Start of January 1st - 14, round from January 15-30rd

Funding Ask

  • $5,000-$10,000 to go entirely to redistribution to rounds: Up to your discretion, considering that all will be reallocated to creatives dao communities building public goods

  • PotLock and NEAR Impact has never received funding before from Creatives DAO, GenaDrop and Minority Programmers team has. This is a separate entity.


  • 300 unique donations

  • 20 creatives projects onboarded

  • 300 posts on social.near from funding

  • 10,000 + social media impressions

  • $1,500 raised in external donations (Expecting at least 15% generated through external funding)

  • 300+ accounts (that are high value as they donate)

  • $17-$33 donor acquisition costs (not including project acquisition cost) (from Total Budget $5,000-$10,000)

  • Expecting easily 10,000+ social media impressions score from twitter alone with over 300 posts also on BOS. Expecting 600+ on chain engagements from this post form not only official PotLock & NEAR Impact accounts, but donors, project pages and project founders.

We are expecting that projects actively engage their community to donate (thus bringing value to the chain) in order to get funding rounds. Additionally in the future this will serve as. We will be guiding projects and profiles on how to sync twitter with BOS, and utilize our share feature to gain egnagement on BOS.


Payout Wallet


  • Facilitating this round will be Plug who is working with CDAO projects to build public goods. He will not be taking anything for the facilitation of this round.
  • For more about the team check out nearimpact.org. Our team consists of people with product, development, community, and venture experience. As well as building green, Web3, and fintech.

Dont think there is a better proposal out right now. Fully back this and support this intiative. This will be a great oppurtunity for CDAO to champion public goods and community building.


Dear @minorityprogrammers, thank you for the proposal.

It’s great to see many things in terms of products are ready to be used. This would be a great way to identify projects that receive community support as well.

The proposal is approved for $10.000 (From which I propose $5000 for the first redistribution round & $5000 will be reserved in our trust and will be released upon request in Jan based on actual needs if there’re more projects registered)

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I saw $15K was taken out, according to blockchain data. What happened to that extra $5K “in trust”?

Seems you confused between 2 transaction of [Approved] CreativesDAO x GenaDrop: Creatives DAO Public Goods [CDAO Planet, Drops.Fund, DropFlow.xyz] and this proposal.

Hash for Potlock (this proposal) payout: Near Transaction 4QEsMU1jNhAkW9GbQhHJW3Z2DSSyAQ3tWWRDF9YchRbb | NearBlocks

Checking the content of the proposal on the Astra++ DAO will provide you the context of the transaction. Or on NEAR Block, choose “Execution plan” tab could be an anternative. Just FYI

Feel free to drop your concern if you still have any. Thank you!