[Announcement] Marketing DAO X Potlock Funding Round

Marketing DAO is proud to announce the launch of the first marketing-centric round in partnership with Potlock!

For over 2.5 years, Marketing DAO has funded projects to provide marketing support, ecosystem development, and regional development to the NEAR ecosystem - over 1000 communities, founders and dApps got support from MDAO. Now, it’s time to test on-chain retention with a new funding program on the Potlock platform.

What is quadratic funding?

Quadratic funding is a novel mechanism that leverages donations from a funding round to determine how much of a funding pool will be allocated to each project.

The key principle is this: the more human donors there are, the larger the share of the funding pie for each project.

This emphasizes the importance of community support in determining a project’s success. What better way to implement this on-chain than by onboarding projects with the largest marketing network on NEAR?

By launching this collaborative round for Marketing DAO grantees, we aim to demonstrate that a larger reach and a high-quality audience equate to a better ability to convert users on-chain.


  • Marketing DAO is proud to announce the launch of the first marketing-centric round on Potlock.
  • In this round, the more verified donor projects, the larger the share of the $30,000 worth of NEAR matching pool a project will receive.
  • Applications are now open for those in the NEAR ecosystem who provide a significant marketing impact.
  • Projects and individuals can earn on-chain referrals, further expanding the pool of resources available. For this round, on-chain referral fees will start at 5%.

A New Concept: On-Chain Referrals

Referrals are a well-known concept, but with the advent of web3, on-chain referrals offer a new level of transparency. This transparency enables us to gamify the process, triggering instant payouts when conversions occur.

On Potlock, there are built-in incentive mechanisms for everyone involved. Chefs have the option to pay fees to increase the quality of the round and grow the funding pool. Additionally, there is a referral fee for those who bring in sponsors and donors. Because of this, we can not only track which projects brought the most unique users on board, but we can also see who earned the most from helping these projects raise funds and who they were onboarding for.

Why this initiative & why now

As we continue to decentralize the NEAR ecosystem, it’s crucial to shift from a top-down approach and instead leverage the community to determine where funding should be allocated. Marketing initiatives should result in real on-chain activity, engaging users with various dApps and bringing liquidity directly to the ecosystem, while supporting projects that are most impactful.

This event serves as an onboarding opportunity for both on-chain users and external liquidity, as well as the potential for mass onboarding of on-chain profiles for projects within the Marketing DAO Constellation on NEAR.

It also provides funding opportunities for projects that have not previously received support from MDAO.

In the future, this initiative will serve as a litmus test for subsequent rounds and as a signal for which projects deserve additional funding within the ecosystem.

How to qualify for a round

  • You must have been actively contributing to the NEAR Ecosystem by creating content or providing marketing services.
  • Or you have built open-source tools for marketing initiatives or streamlined onboarding processes (e.g., Shard Dog).

Examples of projects that could meet these criteria include: Shitzu, Neko Morning Show, Near at Night, Chill & Shill, Near Insider, Near Media and News.

Round Details

Round applications are now (6th May) open and will close on Thursday, May 16th at 11:59 PM EST.
Matching rounds, where verified humans via nada.bot will participate, will take place over the following three weeks, from May 17th to June 7th.

The round will be facilitated by the Marketing DAO council.

Call to Action

  • If you lead a NEAR Marketing initiative, register your project and apply to the pot when applications open.
  • If you’re a donor, verify as a human to increase funding to your favorite projects.
  • Additionally, anyone interested in supporting marketing innovation can directly sponsor the pool here.

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This is great news for Survival Is Near :raised_hands::honeybee:


Love the New Concept of On-Chain Referrals, reward for individuals who are pushing the word out.


If you are interested in learning more about how this funding round will work and how to make it successful, please listen to the recording here and view documents shared today via MDAO twitter/X:


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