Freelancer DAO Report for August

Freelancer August Report

Good day Near Community it’s a New month and we are excited to make a report on what we have been doing in the month of August

Twitter Report

Twitter report for the month of August

Metrics to track growth in our DAO

JULY August
Twitter impressions 1,288 18,700
Twitter Followers 32 108
Telegram Members 64 203 of 25% online
WhatsApp Tracking 0 1 post tracked 5 joined with the link
Verified Humans/ Engagers +40/ 0 +85/ 21
NEAR Social 21 followers 61 followers

Our Weekly calls


Brief Data Analysis*

  • 4.5k messages on telegram

  • +25 Post Engagement by Engagers on NDC page

  • vast engagement on upvote and comments by Engagers (no metrics to track else onchain)

  • +66 Wallet created and Onboard: we onboarded +66 Blockchain techs, Active users and Devs

  • +4 NDC Education and BOS Education.

  • 1 Call with Chill & Shill (Election Integrity & FDAO)

Onchain Activities


Highest post on BOS(30)

Lowest post 5

Average post by an Engagers (30+4)/2 = 17

17post by 23engagers = 391 post on BOS

Community Onchain Account

5 post on BOS (1st post → 3likes 1 comment) (2nd post → 14likes 3 comments (comments has 3likes 4 retweet) ( 3rd post → 11likes 1 comment (comment had 2likes 1 retweet) ( 4th post → 13likes 1 retweet ) (5th post → 9likes 1 retweet 2 comments (3likes)

77 tx

Twitter Impressions

Engagers - 3.5k impressions by 23 engagers

80,500 impressions

Community Social - 18700 impressions

Core Contributors report

As a core contributor we are delighted to make a report of activities we have carried at this month of

Psalm’s Report

Hi I’m psalm the Current Champion of the Freelancer DAO working group and I’ve worked on the month of August with several activities.

Activities For August

  • Social Media manager (Twitter & BOS)

  • Speaker and Pundit for all Our Community calls

  • Reaching out for Collabs and Partnerships

  • Making sure all task and responsibilities are executed on time and in an accurate manner

  • Working hand in hand with our designer to ensure flyers and art work are available for Marketing.

  • Review Trial Candidates Reports and scoring them.

  • Vote on all proposals and request to join our DAO on Our Astrodao.

  • Share updates and CMO of the DAO.

3-4 hrs daily

The King’s Report

Name: The King

Position: Core/Council member

Date: 31st August 2023

Subject: Report on Contribution to FDAO

I am pleased to submit this report outlining my contributions to FDAO WG during my tenure as a member of the Freelancer DAO core contributors team. It is with great pride that I summarize the efforts, achievements, and impact I have made in support of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Overview of Activities: All my time with the Freelancer DAO, I actively participated in various initiatives and undertook several responsibilities that directly contributed to the progress and success of the organization.

Key Achievements: Throughout my involvement with FDAO, I have accomplished the following notable achievements:

moderating the channel

Making sure our engagers are doing all the necessary work and engaging in the NDC posts

  1. Results and Impact: The efforts and contributions I have made have yielded several positive outcomes and impacts on both the organization and the community we serve.

  2. Conclusion: In conclusion, my tenure with Freelancer DAO has been an enriching experience, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s objectives and make a positive impact on the community.

Work hour: 10hrs weekly

Dammy’s Report

Good day bro

In the Month Of August, i was able to achieve the following

  1. Creation of files for 8 potential engagers of the FDAO

  2. Attend 3 of the 4 FDAO weekly Meetings

  3. Attended 1 internal FDAO Meeting

  4. Evaluated Monthly report of individuals under my jurisdiction in the FDAO Trial phase

  5. Secured Partnership between FDAO and Blockchain FUL

  6. Attended and spoke at the Blockchain FUL Twitter Space which saw 50+ individuals attend

7)onboarded 66 individuals from Blockchain FUL Community as evidence by this form

Ankit’s Report

:beginner:Over the course of 4 weeks in August, I Contributed to FDAO:-

:beginner: Hosting and Moderating the community calls weekly (Every Friday)

:beginner: Managed engagers and analyzed there report.

:beginner:Plan Events for FDAO

:beginner:Manage the database of FDAO with alpha.

:beginner:Manage facebook account for FDAO

Alphaflexhub’s Report (Solomon)


Contributions made for August includes

-Created trackable links to enable us to detect where our applicants are accessing the form from and which device to detect those planning to hijack the programs with multiple profiles.

-Updated the Engager trial application form with all necessary links.

-FDAO application sheet showing the information of all recruited participants for the trial phase

-Link tracking analysis

Together with Ankit, we successfully onboarded, mailed and distributed all engagers to core contributors to track performance.

-review report of 6 Engagers 1 was dismissed.

-help Engagers find their way around the ecosystem.

Engagers Report

Near wallet name Bounty amount File link (direct to his approved status)
bonaven.near $0 FDAO file for [@Bonaven]
sanam1027.near $0 FDAO file for [@Deepak]
seck.near $30 FDAO file for [@sek]
kennethjay.near $30 FDAO file for [@Kenjay60]
dabbie3229.near $0 FDAO file for [@dabbie3229]
abgd111.near $0 FDAO file for [@Shubham[].
nearmultiverse.near $0 FDAO file for [@butneversaved]
Kekiboh.near $0 FDAO file for [@Kjay]
derymars.near $0 FDAO file for [ @derymars] - #2 by derymars
orients.near $0 FDAO file for [ @ZIWA ]
kumarkrsronit.near $30 FDAO file for [ @roizlive]
luffy2003.near $15 FDAO file for [@Dheer]
kingsinghh.near $30 FDAO file for [ @King_singhh ]
greatlaw.near $30 FDAO file for [ @Greatlaw]
rodobossa.near $0 FDAO file for [ @rodobossa ]
yaneisia.near $0 FDAO file for [ @yaneisia]
monkeydu.near $15 FDAO file for [ @monkeydu]
ankit2866.near $30 FDAO file for [@ankit2866]
Macarli.near $30 FDAO file for [@macarli01]
Vinod69.near $30 FDAO file for [@vinod69]
harry_007.near $30 FDAO file for [@Harryop]
Destwin.near $0 FDAO file for [@Destwin]
liight.near $0 FDAO file for [@Eyitay00]
Bheegem.near $0 FDAO file for [@bgem]
wickedspidy.near $30 FDAO file for [@wickedspidy]
yashank.near $15 FDAO file for [@yashank]
vanshika.near $15 FDAO file for [@Vanshika]
Vishx.near $0 FDAO file for [@vishx]
kuhaku.near $0 FDAO file for [@Agungdjs]
miles1.near $30 FDAO file for [@Milez_dah_god]
Paulp6000.near $30 FDAO file for [ @Paulp5000 ]
cripteros.near $30 FDAO file for [ @ame9986 ]
skyto.near $30 FDAO file for [ @skyto.near ]
liaustin.near $45 FDAO file for [@liaustin]
Abntuk.near $0 FDAO File for [@Abntuk.near]
Gilberth.near $0 FDAO file for [gilberth.near]
millyrodriguez.near $30 FDAO file for [@Millyr06]
Monica3.near $30 FDAO file for [Nikkigold]
jeph.near $0 FDAO file for [Jeph]
lovelysugar.near $0 FDAO file for [Sugar]

21 Qualified Engagers


Funding was proposed when NEAR was 1.22 per token and 5000NEAR was requested for $6.1k

So all tokens were distributed @1.22 in NEAR not dollar value.

Budget Inlet (NEAR)


Budget outlet

Core Contributor | 2717.9$ (2227.86N)

Trial phase bounty | 585$ (504.1N)

Graphic Designer | 200$ (163.9N)

Neardrop for 66 wallets | 30$ (25N)

Retroactive bounty for 2 core contributors | 778.68

Total Budget outlet (NEAR) = 3699.54

Budget left in Treasury = Budget inlet - Budget Outlet

Budget left in Treasury = (5000 - 3699.54)NEAR

= 1300.46

Left funds would be used on the first week of September (1st - 7th) to fulfill all activities.


  • We are strived to increase onchain activities

  • Active community members and functional and active forum

  • Community Empowerment

  • Election Engagement

  • Election Content awareness etc l