[July][Report] Instagram Community Accounts

HELLO EVERYONE! Aman this side…

Before we move to the report, let me inform you our moderator @naveen_in sir has stepped down to claim his rewards and forum posts activities. He has asked all the team members to put this report on the Forum. So, on behalf of the whole team members running Instagram community accounts, I am here with the Monthly report.

Instagram Community Accounts Monthly Reports

Month: July

Report consists ;

Hashtags Visibility
Account Statistics
Reach of each account

Hashtag Visibility

[June → July]

Tags June July Growth %
#NEARProtocol 18042 19050 5.5%
#NEARnft 16869 18010 6.6%
#NEARnews 2987 3626 21%
#NEARcoin 2401 2670 11.2%
#NEARtrading 2352 2653 12.7%

Account Statistics

IG Handle June July Growth
@nearcircle 1140 1304 164
@near_insights 1054 1350 296
@trending.near 706 768 62
@nearianada 651 853 202
@near_crypto 907 1112 205
@nearprotocolnews 535 564 29

Reach of each account

Account Account Reach
@nearprotocolnews 14.2k
@trending.near 11.2k
@near_insights 4,120
@nearcircle 1,702
@nearianada 1,051






So, this was the report of all 6 Instagram accounts out of which 1 account @crypto_near opt to pull out his account from this Project.

Also in last month’s proposal, @so608 asked us to continue with the 2 best from this month.

So, we have submitted the metrics of 5 accounts (1 account opted to be out from this), and the rest we leave on @marketingdao-council to select any 2 best accounts after their review that align with the vision of Marketing DAO so that we can post a Proposal for only 2 accounts.

Also, attaching the link of all accounts for you so that you can visit them easily:

  1. Trending Near: https://www.instagram.com/trending.near/

  2. Near Circle: https://www.instagram.com/nearcircle/

  3. Near Insights: Login • Instagram

  4. Nearianada: Login • Instagram

  5. NEAR Protocol News: https://www.instagram.com/nearprotocolnews



Hey Aman, Thanks for posting the report. I handle @nearprotocolnews account.

Just to put an update/achievement for the account in last months, @nearprotocolnews is followed by NEAR Protocol Official, Mintbase, OFP, Ceras Ventures, Realitychain, Marma J Foundation, Nate Geier (Co-founder Mintbase), Creatives DAO etc. and recognised by NEAR Big Brain.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello team, Myself Shubham Maheshwari, I am creator of NearInsights and by profession I am Digital Marketing Manager . From the Beginning of Near Insights my Daily Reach And Target not it for Near acommunity it’s for all people who are new beginners in Crypto space and want to start their journey in Crypto industry .

Near insights Cover not all only the post through Infographics and images, it’s covers all the ongoing and upcoming insights on near , news and what’s cooking on near and also Near Ecosystem .

NearInsights Reached the The Milestone of 1300 Followers .

Near Insights followerd by almost Every Near Country Regional Guild and Some Project and Community .

We got Partnership with Nearhacker House also
Attaching pic in the End !!

NearInsights Make Reels to get wider audience reach , because now days people are much more active in watching reels .

NearInsights Also Upload the Talks on Near Blockchain YouTube on IGTV .

NearInsights is Touching it’s Next Milestone of 1500 followers and Dropping it’s First Giveaway for it’s Followers and fans .

Listing Famous Crypto and Near Instgram Channel Got Followers and support …


Attaching reels metrics and Highest Reach !!


Our reels Reached more than 5K people Views.

Thanks :zap: - #futureisnear


Thank you for the report., its very detailed and informative. It helps for the people who will look info near news update and more over learning about near ecosystem.


I’d like to thank @naveen_in in advance for his fantastic work and leadership the last couple of months on this team. Also highlight the responsibility and commitment of @iamanansari for making the report for the month of July, which was worked on with great effort, commitment and dedication by all those mentioned in the report. :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

To begin with, I would like to ask @marketingdao-council to do a study on the importance of Instagram as a social network to communicate and reach different types of audiences. Likewise, that the approved reward for the month of June be taken into consideration as soon as possible: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

I am Antonio, who has been running the @nearcircle ditch since “day one” in this Instagram project to grow the NEAR community. I leave the link to the account, since the numbers speak for themselves: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

Despite the recent changes in the Instagram algorithm, I would like to point out that many things inherent to it are still under discussion since most of the people who access this social network are going to see images and photos, with which to work correctly once how much of instagram is not located solely in publishing reels or images; It is the construction of a community through the integral management of a social network, which in this case is Instagram, which includes a graphic line, strategies, statistics, followers, comments, etc…

With which I am in favor of making changes as an Instagram community within NEAR, but gradually, so I hope that more than one account will be selected for this month of July and we can maintain communication to continue with the work on IG . Greetings and thank you very much!


Hello Team!

I manage TRENDING NEAR , instead of collecting more and more followers I am focussed to target more and more people for engagement and focussing on creating content that can be shared with more people.

That’s why despite of having an average number of followers my reach is 11K+ with a good amount of likes on my posts. These Insights clearly show that my content is reaching the maximum audience. Also, daily improving my strategies to create new content.

Recognized/Followed by NEAR’s Biggies:

NEARWEEK, Open Forest Protocol, NEARity.org, Graffiti DAO, EthDenver, EXXAVERSE, etc.

Thanks :hugs:


Hello everyone!

I really wanna appreciate sir @naveen for his leadership so far and my team members for the amazing work done,it’s been an eventful journey.

Given the suggestions to reduce the account to two,
I would love the @marketingdao council to reconsider it. I believe Near Ecosystem is been promoted on other social media platforms and most of these platforms has different accounts showcasing and promoting it in the best possible way with different creative post and ideas all aiming at achieving one goal… Building up the Near Ecosystem.

Near IG accounts has been doing an amazing job of promoting the Near ecosystem with different ideas and creative post & patterns which have reached out to a lot of persons in a short while.

Nearianada being one of the IG account have been promoting and showcasing the Near Ecosystem and it’s happenings through the use of daily posts with different designs, detailed infographics of projects built in the near ecosystem and reels on Instagram.

Nearianada has a milestone of over 800 Organic followers and over 500 posts, Having created different giveaways in the month of July that resulted to a massive engagement that brought about some partnerships deal that’s still under consideration.

Nearianada is followed by
MyNearwallet, octopus network, banax offical, Eco-Lusion, Near GOADAO, NearNft etc, covers most African countries and i also believe that the rest accounts has been covering some other regions which one or two account can’t possibly cover due to vast nature of the Instagram space.

IG has a lot of traffic since it’s one of the most used social media platforms in recent times.


Everyone is great :+1: It’s hard to choose one :blush:


Yeah, it was hard to choose for us also because everyone has been putting their efforts. For better decentralisation we have left the decision to experienced councils. We would be glad to run all the accounts same as before but we asked to choose 2 on Council’s comment!

Also, Thankyou for the appreciation sir :blush:


Thank you @Dacha you have always supported us. Ideally, 2 accounts would be selected as stated in the previous post, which would also facilitate the election for the council. I would also like to remember the reward for the month of June that “in theory” we all entered. And when the council makes all its decisions, we await the indications to continue working. Anyone on this team is qualified to take Mr. Naveen’s place of leadership. :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:


Tagging @marketingdao-council again for the visibility.

@Dacha already gave his opinion now I request other councils to review our Instagram report and choose any 2 best accounts that can continue this project.