Formation of NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) and call for participation in the Community Working Group

Hey Sarah,

Hope you’re well.

This can be a bit confusing for members who are new to the community.

To answer your question, Dacha is working as a council for marketing DAO and has been an active member in this forum.

Beyond this I don’t know more about Dacha.

Maybe @Dacha would like to help clarify your questions.


I responded to this in the other thread where you originally inquired. You seem to be repeating the same question on many threads. I’m not trying to take over, just putting my name forward as a candidate.


Lots happening very quickly.

Just to make sure I put some of my thoughts in the right place.

I just created a discussion thread for my thoughts on early contributions to with regards to the NDC Marketing Lead

Looking forward to hearing more tomorrow during the call.


I’m curious about all that discussion and hoping I can contribute in some way even without being able to be a volunteer at this moment, so I’m commenting to receive notifications and stay in the loop.


Man who fights with community violators and encourages great community contributors. :heart:

Also, active Near Community member since October 2020, founder of Near games community, grants team member in Ecosystem projects. Marketing DAO council member since December 2021.

and last monthly transparent report here

cc: @sarahkornfeld


Feel free to reach me out about any ideas here on dm on tg @kmotiv



Why don’t you provide a bio or link or site? Everyone on this thread has done so? You’ve linked actions, but not background or identity.

I’m only asking because we want to be transparent. And, you seem to have some big fans.

Love to know more about you!


Thanks, @Dacha!
but maybe I didn’t make myself clear: I still need to understand better what’s going on to see how I can contribute, that’s what I meant

and that’s why I want to keep following forum posts about this topic =)


In summary, the community is engaged in a new initiative to define an ecosystem-wide governance model, on-chain voting mechanism, and treasury to fund the NEAR ecosystem. This is an experiment to allow the community to engage in “the Power of Governance” to self-govern and manage a treasury.

It’s a monumental task, with the first objectives being:

  1. Define leaders to help organize, manage and lead each workgroup

  2. Define a NEAR constitution based on the recently published manifesto

  3. Define the proper legal structure for this new treasury fund

  4. Make a grant request to the foundation to fund the treasury

  5. Fund an operations arm to take the governance model, on-chain voting, and funding initiatives to fruition


Yes, sure

My site and all my love here :wink:
My TG @kmotiv
My twitter


@IgbozeIsrael and I have the couple of ideas about engagement. Let’s brainstorm together?


Feel free to reach me out on tg to schedule a call. Thanks

Why should I respond to this kind of lack of transparency and gameplaying? Simply provide the information we all do.

I am left with my assumption and just think you are a bot.


Why do you need personal data? If there was a need for personal data on the forum, this would be one of the conditions for registration. Do you evaluate a person’s usefulness by appearance or by actions? The actions have been provided to you, do they not suit you?

Someone who wants to run for the head of anything should be able to provide context, bio, and background. I am sure you know that.

But, he refuses so I’m no longer asking.



You’re a bot 100%
if you don’t know Dacha 1000%
Nobody needs to satisfy you with answers that you like

Btw, why do you think, he wants to be a head of no-matter-what?


Hello @Dacha!
Sure, lets brainstorm.
I am working on some docs too.

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@sarahkornfeld you still don’t know @Dacha?

Let’s just try to vote who we would love to be the President without throwing some words and sentiment here.

This is an open political situation where everyone must have who they are supporting.

Imagine you replying to a bot on the forum for months now. @Dacha must have been a consistent bot then…:smirk:

@blaze and @Dacha are good candidates as all those who have commented here are saying.

I would ask the NEAR community permits me to reason in this manner that might be childish​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Can’t we have a president and vice? Maybe the feud we having here will stop due this…



I agree with @zavodil on this post. I think it is too early for the actual voting. Ideally, there should be candidate posts first and then a separate post for voting where all the candidates for a given role will be listed. Yet, here we have a chicken and an egg problem as per Illia’s talk, Houses of Merit and Stake vote for the Executive branch, but NDC is still in its infancy, and we need accountability to move forward.

If I may suggest, given that we already have some vision of how to bootstrap NDC shared by Illia, and have a list of active members who are willing to participate in certain areas (kind of House of Merit), we could have separate working groups meeting to discuss and nominate temporary leaders in each group to achieve a single goal - NDC bootstrapping.


Yeah, this is the point and I think as seen on Discord, some community members are already putting some documents together so as to help out with activities. I hope that the call today will generate a clearer party for NDC and everyone.

Hopefully, when the whole idea is grasped by the entire community, many will know where their abilities fit and can allow others to do give in 100%