About the NDC category

For discussion about all things NDC (NEAR Digital Collective).

The NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) is the “collective” representation of the NEAR ecosystem (NEARVerse), made up of nodes of users, projects, stakeholders, partners, and backers. Collectively the NDC is focused on stewarding pragmatic decentralization that reflects and involves the full scope of our community.

Everyone’s help is needed to:

  • Review the NDC Preamble draft and provide your feedback here.

  • Review the Community Engagement Working Documents (Code of Conduct, Dispute Resolution Process, etc.) and provide your feedback here.

  • If you want to get involved in the governance process, we have weekly workshops to explore values, roles & responsibilities, and vision for the future. Here is a LINK to get reminders about those meetings, where all are welcome to participate.

  • Participate in the NDC Values Research here.

Join us on Telegram for general discussions here.

All information about the NDC and its working groups can be otherwise found here.