[WEEK 2 ART CHALLENGE] (CLOSED) Filipino Artist Guild Week 2 Contest

Welcome To Our Filipino Artist Guild SECOND Art Challenge

This will be a weekly Event And All Filipino artist is welcome to join.

" Make your own Style"

Week #2


Choose a product/ Brand made in the philippines.

The pallete and Concept must be adOpted to a character to be made.

For Example: instant noodles to an anime art, like vexel or similar art style. Ex. The character can have curly hair or red hair inpired from the noodles PALLETES.

Rules and Mechanics:

*Draw it with your own style

*Chibi /Vexel /Vector/ Digital Paint/ Anime

*The Contest will TUESDAY and the Deadline of Submission is Sunday
philippines Time 11:59pm

*Announcing of Winners MONDAY

*The Winners Will be Selected by the Council

*Likes and Positive feedbacks about your art/Entry Can help you put in the list,

*It does not mean that you have the most heart react will make you a winner, it will just help the council to Select the winner,

*Example there are 5 entries that has More react those 5 will put in the watchlist of selection

*Creativity,Cleanliness,Originality, Quality is the most Important

*Any art style is acceptable.


Ist Prize: 2.5Nr

2nd Prize: 2.5N

3rd Prize: 1 .5N

4th Prize: 1.5N

5th Prize 1N

6th prize : 1N

Total of 10 Near

New Members of the Guild are Welcome To Join.

When Submitting Your Entry please Attach your NEAR WALLET ADDRESS at the bottom of your entries,

We also appreciate some Short Word or explanation about your Piece.

If anyone has a question feel Free to Mention the Council in our Telegram Channel or Dm us privately as long as it is related to the event. Welcome To Our FAG First Art Challenge
Filipino Artist Telegram

Good Luck Everyone And Let your Creativity Shines.

“Winners Arts Should Not Be Minted”


Art Sample for This Challenge

But in this Battle u dont need to add The Brand Pictures in your Arts, just Explain what the Brand You used as reference together with Your entry​:relaxed:


Product: Red Horse Beer

Hello there, Mikiiel Desu… I’m back for the 2nd FAG Art Challenge, and for this one, I made a digital art of a Red Horse Beer that I turned into a human form or something. So I chose this product because it is made entirely in the Philippines.

Red Horse is San Miguel’s high alcohol beer brand. Introduced in 1982, its extremely popular in the Philippines, can be found in cans and bottles, and pretty much about everywhere and anywhere in the country, on tap and can even be served in buckets!

The Yellow Orange, Red and Black color in the Digital art describes. First is, the content of a bottle. Second, the color of logo which is they have yellow and red in there. Third, the black or brown something In/out in a bottle.



Binuhat na dahil sa kalasingan​:sweat_smile:


Unli supply po yan, kaya nagpabuhat nlang :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This character was inspired by a Filipino product/brand called “Dragon Sid”.
Dragon Sid is one of the most popular snack among Filipnos. It is made from dried and salted squash seeds.

I used the color blue from the brand and I upgraded the dragon but I used the same color of the dragon in the packaging.
I designed the costume to be like dragon style with the mix of pumpkin design since it is squash seed.

RIP grammar :sweat_smile:

near: rosas.near


product name: lucky me extra hot pancit canton

art style: vexel/ vector art

the reference was choosen for some purposes you know, to make it more “hotter” than the lucky mr extra hot pancit canton are​:fire:

and the fire like sticker symbolizes the “hot” flavor of the product, and the yellow band-aid, let’s say the brand logo of the “lucky me” and the jacket he’s wearing is like the gradient that we can see in the pancit canton packet.
I’d rather call it “lucky me extra ultra hot pancit canton” XD
id: auranoshi.near


Hello, Mabuhay I’m a Vexel Artist like to do concept like dark themed glossy psycho character.

Allira Pharsa

Pharsa was the serpent queen with same like of Vampire, she was covered in dark red blood, fighting for herself in the war of Estilla (The Twilight City)

Near I’d: louietism.near


Para sa entry pala sya :open_mouth:


Yong asawa mung Toyohin, at ikaw naman amoy suka :sweat_smile::rofl:


It is not good as other artist but I have given my 100%.


Red Horse Beer

Red Horse Beer is an extra-strong lager brewed by San Miguel Brewery.

I chose red horse beer because it is a well-known beer for every father here in the Philippines. I made it into an self vendor walking red horse beer robot to showcase the possible things onto the future…

I chose the three colors of it which is brown, yellow and red. I also put some punk hair to symbolize the horse itself.



I chose Lemon Square’s WHATTA TOPS because it’s one of my favorite childhood snack. I also love the packaging’s colors so i thought that it’d be eye catching.



A pixel art “Boy Bawang Snack Pack”

Boy Bawang is a popular corn snack brand of kornik made in the Philippines that you can eat and buy in any grocery and sari-sari stores have some Boy Bawang in your snack lists. It is also a nice “pulutan” if you have drinking sessions with your tropas.

While Watching Movie at Home If you don’t have a popcorn to eat then have some Boy Bawang as an alternative whether it was a lazy afternoon or a Relaxing Evening, whether your busy or doing nothing, Whether it’s a stressing day grab some Boy Bawang as your snack.

Near id: zetsue001.near


Lipps Strawberry Candy from the Philippines!

Net weight: 225 grams

“More Color, More Fun!”
LIPPS is a non-mentholated hard candy that comes in five (5) fruity flavors
An exciting way to color your lips!
Near wallet: elvatar02.near


Hello, I’m Ritzzard and this is my first time participating our contest.
can you tell the brand I use for this piece just by looking at the colors? I’ll tell you later. hakhak

This is a card called Aunt Maggi.
Aunt Maggi is a Witch. She loves cooking but She’s terrible at it. so she uses her magic tricks to make all her cooking delicious.
sprinkling some pixie dust is her secret. She gets the dust from the wings of the Fairies who live in the garden of spices deep in the forest. the Fairies eats all kinds of herbs in the garden that makes its wing dust tasty and can be use for cooking. don’t worry, Aunt Maggi doesn’t kill fairies or tear their wings. she’s collecting the dust in the air.

inspired by maggi magic sarap
program: photoshop CC
ID: ritzzard.near


Baby UFC Banana Catsup 3D
“A baby wasting the catsup”

Near ID: the_blank.near


Pæncit Cænton

Inspired by, obviously, Lucky Me Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili and ChiliMansi flavor. These two flavors are my favorite among all those flavor. I was supposed to do all flavors but I got busy so just make the 2 of my favorite flavor.

ChiliMansi supremacy​:fire:

Near Wallet: maryrazel.near


Product used as reference: Coca-cola

Coca-cola or coke is one of the filipinos favorite softdrinks, one of my favorites too hehe and used it as a reference ang turned it into a women.

The CAP of the coca-cola, represents the hair of my art. I colorpick the cap and us it as a pallete of her hair.

The BODY of the product, represents the body of hers that’s why she have a coca-cola body or curve body, I also colorpick the drink and us it as a pallete for her dress.


This art is inspired by Rebisco Superstix with super dots Ube Flavor. I chose this one because it’s one of my most favorite snacks and now my baby’s favorite :heart: and Of course I believe that every child in my generation and this generation enjoys this snack until now :heart:
I decided to make it simple so that it can be easily identify and I love how it turns out.