NDC/GWG Moderator - Nomination - Dav


I’m David, Crypto Enthusiast, NEAR Mainnet Validator (PandaTeam), i also have few Cosmos Valiidators.
I’m Cheddar’s Project Manager (@CheddarFi), NEAR Moderator (Discord / Telegram), and OpenShard Alliance Co-Lead with @blaze. I’m based in France (UTC +2), but i’m active all the day and part of the night.

I’m Happy to apply for this position.
I take part in early stage of NDC during few meetings during NEARCon. Active in the community on various channel, trying to help as i can.

I took part in various event (some with big pressure :)) like in StakeWars III as Main Moderator / Helper for participants, I think I made some impact because I helped people with their issues and lead them to perform in Stakewars, maintain Github, etc.
I also managed Onboarding new validators on NEAR Mainnet wih OSA and my role as NEAR Moderator.

Don’t hesitate if you have questions.
Will be happy to answer all of them :slight_smile:


Awesome! You really deserve to join us as part of the Mod. Can’t wait you join the team!


I’d like so support Dav’s nomination.

I had the opportunity to work closely with him during the organisation of Stake Wars III.

He went above and beyond in supporting participants across several channels. Liaising with organised (Open Shards Alliance, Meta Pool, Pagoda), provide feedback and troubleshooting.

He’s got deep understanding of the tech and is committed to the ecosystem.


Would be great to have you in team :smiley: I strongly support your nomination for this role. :heart:


Nice proposal man.
I would like to nominate myself also if there could still be a chance

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Hi David,

Thank you for your nomination!
I would love to schedule an interview with you to discuss this in more detail, I will send you a Calendly link in DM.


Hello,i want to report Conflict of interest violation by @blaze (NDC consultant and head of working groups )

He hired Cheddar Finance mod Aescobar on the same position in NDC. How is possible @blaze ? why did you choose em, but now other 14 candidates?

Hi, Thank you for posting here. But What the purpose of Aescobar in my post ?
Btw, you can be a good moderator on several project no ?

Support Dav on this nomination, it was an awesome job on Stake Wars III, Dav was the person who holds all HUGE Stake Wars III community and helped them.