[February] BlueBit Finance: Looking for Graphic Designer || Candidate is found

Hey Sandboxers,

We’re happy to collaborate with BlueBit Finance, a decentralized yield aggregator protocol built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM that offers a full set of farming solutions.

The project is looking for a Graphic Designer for their media content.


  • Create social media post images design according to the content and events
  • Memes pictures posted in community groups
  • Make stickers
  • Create posters & other designs upon request
  • Ensure all works are delivered to project expectations/requirements


  • Experienced with UI design
  • Crypto enthusiast
  • Be familiar with meme trend
  • Highly organized and self-motivated

Reward: $400

DM me a brief description of your background to schedule an interview or ask questions


Hey everyone. welcome! we are from The Clan Guild, and theres some friends that can help you. I’ve tagged some of them.


please, spread the message if you think theres anyone that fits this bounty


Great guys, for those who interested please reach me via DM with your BG description, preferable a portfolio


Hello Will I think I have some qualification that fit this jobs pls check your DM I have sent some documents. Thank for amazing positions

dm me on twitter @arki_bootzz :fist_right::fist_left: welcome everyone

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Thanks for the Tag @duOCELOT :heart_eyes:

Ill sent Dm too sir :relaxed:

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I’m a graphic designer and I am highly interested :slight_smile:

@Tonyesy this is your field of work :relieved:

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Glad to hear that it worked. Theres a lot of great professionals. Waiting to see the result of it.

hei, sorry to ask here is the app live yet ? or the web app is still a demo?

Thanks angelmtp#8982 (imangelmtp.near) for involving in the project, you can claim for $250 ~ N29 ($8.6 Five day average of NEAR price using the Anchored VWAP on Trading View, NEAR/USD pair)

Please use this link for your DAO application on OWS Astro DAO

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The reward for $400 is approved

Please use this link for your DAO application on OWS Astro DAO

Thanks angelmtp#8982 (imangelmtp.near) for involving in the project

You can claim for $400 on our Astro DAO after the average rate is posted on OWS’s Discord Channel on 26th.