Event Sponsorship Funds

Did anyone have very long wait times after being accepted for funding? I would love to connect with those who can help me in this process to increase the payment rate.


Accepted for funding from where?

NEAR Foundation for a grant that was used for sponsorship for an event that was held on April 30th (holametaverso.io)

Who issued you the grant?

The marketing department was the group that approved funds.

Hey @Tameron - I followed up with Fauve separately because the timeline was too short of a turnaround to fulfill. Less than two weeks for event sponsorships is not how our team works. Hope you can understand. We are coming up with a program to help process requests like yours. Stay tuned for more details.

@yadira Does this mean that there will not be fulfillment at all? I am fine waiting, but I was under the impression that this was good to go, and with the event being two weeks ago, all of our shirts have the NEAR logo on them.

Just received from @nicole.tay saying that my application was rejected after I was told that the application was accepted. As mentioned, the shirts were printed with a large NEAR logo on the back. @David_NEAR.

Who said the application was accepted?

@yadira, I was told to invoice NEAR to receive funds after the application was accepted. The screenshot above shows that I was asked to shoot an invoice to NEAR which I did in that email chain.

Hi folks! Hoping to clarify some of the confusion here. This was the only correspondence we have on record for Hola Metaverso around their April 30th event for which they were requesting NEAR Foundation sponsorship. The email below is dated 8 days ago. This is to say that if the grant was accepted, it was not through the NF Standard Grants Program. Hope this helps.

"Dear Tameron,

Your application has been moved to the next stage of NEAR’s grant program and is currently under review by our technical team. A member of the NEAR team will be in touch shortly with next steps.


NEAR Foundation"