What's going on with Near Foundation?

We are Marketing DAO applicants (Twitter influencers) who have been waiting for payments for over two months. @illia @marieke.flament @marketingdao-council @MarcusNEAR @shreyas when will Near Foundation execute payments? We see how NF approved and transferred a new grant $350k for the Human guild (while the guild spent over 3M in the past and brought only 3 games in ecosystem https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/near ,but what about us?
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We delivered a working game without any funds from the NF.

According to your statement above, that’s at least 1M in value contributed to the ecosystem.

Would love to see some support for Pumpopoly.com from community members or the foundation. According to the dapp radar (NEAR games) stats above Pumpopoly is currently ranked 4th in overall unique active wallets.

Marketing people don’t need to wait for the foundation or any other authorities to start earning. We pay per performance. There’s a great opportunity here to bypass all of the gatekeepers and earn with pay per performance marketing.

Pumpopoly.com offers 50% commissions for city land sales. This is a lifetime commission program. You earn 50% commissions when your referrals buy land, forever.

Stop waiting for freebies and start working with free-markets. Do the work and get rewarded on-chain instantly. With our model you get paid for the value you create. No delays, dao politics or restrictions. 100% on-chain affiliate payments.

Reach out on discord if you need help. We’re always interested in helping you close out sales and generate leads. Real sales, real payments and real value for your marketing efforts.

@pathfinder are you waiting on payment for a proposal approved by the Marketing DAO? If so, can you share the link here to we can look into the situation?

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