Unpaid rewards

Hello everyone, on the 19th of March I received an email from NEAR Protocol that I have been accepted for the NEAR Ambassador Program which I applied. I and 22 others worked through out the month of April. We have not been paid till now.
I wrote articles, created videos, infographics and memes for NEAR Protocol. I haven’t been paid.
I need my money please. I have a family to feed.

We were added to a Discord group. I have receipts of everything. Please I just want my money. This is so low from NEAR PROTOCOL.


This certainly didn’t happen, NEAR Foundation does not run an Ambassador program.

Are you referring to this?

Yes he is , But I told them on the Google meet this will trail Ambassdor Program for first month . And Then we will select Samurai for next .

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Check these I already mention and told them Personally on Google meet .

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Yes. This was the email I received that is why I started working first week of May. He told us the program was from NEAR PROTOCOL. He never mentioned any other thing. I can provide links to the work I have done. Please I want my money. I did videos for NEAR and wrote articles too. I did lots of infographics and memes too.

This was the message he sent to us yesterday that wouldn’t be payed because of the market condition. This guy can’t be trusted. Please we just want our money. We worked so hard

Before you start blaming anyone, the email states clearly Shubham is a NEAR Protocol Community Builder. If you didn’t questioned the terms of the program, you can’t really blame anyone.

Was there a promise for pay? Weren’t you on trial period when you created those content?

If you’ll check this post,there was no funding approved for this programme. You can’t blame NEAR here if there was misinformation from Shubham’s side. And Shubham doesn’t works for NEAR, he’s just a community member like you.

I can see that all of you at NEAR are fraudsters. You scam vulnerable people to work for you and don’t pay them. God will judge all of you.

I have the Proof that I already Mentioned that this Program’s first Month will be the Trial Period.
And After the Selection Top, 10 Samurai will work for Near Samurai Program.

Check the Meeting Link :

lol… well he says cannot pay because of “market conditions” so promises some sort of compensation.
Plus he is clearly in the community and the title/redirection, and projects are on this forum and are part of near.

Now you demoting the dude as “a member like you”.
but in reality, he is not and his username is misleading.

Besides the non-approved funding, something is going on.
The title is community builder it intends some sort of affiliation plus redirects to near —> is part of the near protocol somehow.

So yes… It doesn’t look very well, especially on brand proposition; few others complain about it.

It would be nice to see more control over these propositions and somebody should kick him out permanently.

If that’s true, it’s miscommunication from @Albhion side.
The whole issue happened because of not clarifying the terms of the program clearly.

Everyone’s part of NEAR Community if they’re here.

Go to Profile–> Preference then choose Community BUIDLer as your tag.

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May I know your discord name or are you part of Near Samurai Program !!

If yes , Then Please check the meeting were I had alredy mentioned all the Things in meeting ,


i have Recoding of Meeting , Were you can see the I alredy mentioned the About terms and Conditions and First Month is trail !!

Hey all,

Evidently, there has been some miscommunication here.

@Albhion is not a member of the NEAR team, nor is he affiliated with NEAR in any official manner.

The details for his proposed Ambassador Programme, which would be community-led (by him), are available here:

As you can see:

  • No funding has been issued
  • @Albhion should never have promised funding to any participant

It seems there’s been some crossed wires. I’d recommend that @Albhion immediately ceases all operations around the Ambassador programme until everything has cleared up and, if you’re promising funding, until funding is acquired.


sorry, just clarify, it is the whole medium that is misleading.

He has been also reported and you already engaged with him you spot his “scammy” activity but no action followed.

As said, the titles are misleading, and keywords appear in research and become even harder to distinguish from official and unofficial.

this is another misleading.

“We have selected”
“according to the leaderboard, we going to reward them”

Marketing Dao → seems to be a → Dao Member

Ambassadors program for near protocol.

Unfortunately, many projects from arts, creativity, and marketing are toxic for the brand.

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Let me make it clearly .
This Ambassdor program is for the first month trail and After the report to the forum , if they approve we are going to start Paid Ambassdor Program ,

Are you aware of Google meet , i had attached the video recording , explanation with near Ambassdor Samurai Program .

I alredy stated that the program is Volunteer for the first Month After the Submission and 2nd month selection we will reward them .

Also I alredy Mentioned on the Google form Sheet too and Discord group .


You know right that in the USA for something like that you can be sued.

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