[Closed] NxM Music Performance Event

Hi NxM folks,

I made some music collaborations, featuring 2 musicians HAEKINS and HMD in December 2021, on NxM guild.

Making 4 songs and all minted on NxM store.

On 20th of June I wanna arrange an event whereby all my first NFT featured artist are gonna be performing there live!

This is event gonna entail

  • Performance of my featured NFT artists on NxM
  • Educating people about NEAR and it’s ecosystem
  • Educating people about music on NEAR
  • Educating people about the web3 and blockchain
  • Educating people on being a superstar and still having NFTs as a culture to live on
  • Onboarding people on NEAR blockchain .
  • At least 80 people is expected to be live at the event, and more new artists will be given chance to perform on the day
    Awareness and announcement will be made via my instagram account which has over 50k followers.

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To carryout this event successfully 1000$ will be needed, which will be spent in ways like this.

Event Space: $250

Live DJ: $100

MC: $100

Sound Equipments: $200

Red Carpet banner: $100

Refreshment for attendants: $100

Wallet Activation: $50

Event visual coverage and Pictures: $100

Event Space, OX Lounge - V.I

@Monish016 @Paul

Target pay out : iamsterryo.near


Dear @sterryo
Thank you so much for your proposal, we believe that every single proposal was created with goodwill to make NxM a better community. Unfortunately, your proposal wasn’t accepted after council review. We appreciate your input and thank you for engaging with us. Feel free to submit your report in the next round.

Please also familiarize yourself with the guidelines below, especially with “Events”:
:point_right:Projects: [GUIDE] NxM Funding Guidelines for Projects
:point_right:Events: [GUIDE] NxM Funding Guidelines for Events