Enforcing Community Guidelines: Warnings and Bans

Whenever a community member violates the Community Guidelines, NDC Mods are empowered to enforce those guidelines by giving warnings and bans to community members. This post is created to provide transparency and keep track of warnings and bans by the NDC Mods.

As mentioned in the Community Guidelines, NDC Mods have three ways of officially enforcing community guidelines:

  1. Officially warn a community member.
  2. Ban a community member at the third warning.
  3. Ban a community member without warning if all mods unanimously agree that this is appropriate.

Whenever one of these actions have been taken by the NDC Mods, they are documented as follows:

  • Name of community member.
  • Name of enforcing Mod.
  • Platform/channel on which violation was committed.
    • Any known related accounts on other platforms.
  • Action taken.
    • First or second warning.
    • Ban at third warning.
    • Immediate ban (unanimous decision).
  • Screenshot of violation.
  • Reasoning behind sanction.

Please @narau @PatriciaB @Roberta_abinader check this out.

I would like to add a collaboration:

  • the DAO councils need to be responsible for the attacks of the members, because it is a social and community problem.

  • in case of Attacks of the council, I think that the function should be passed to someone with a sense of community and responsibility Social .


I’ve actually drafted something like this for us and I’m currently in the review process would love to go over some of these items with you.


Hello @joepmaenen. Thank you for your proposal.

Could you please:

  1. Share the list of NDC mods? Could you please share a poll/election on Astro DAO or something like that? Do you have any link on NDC establishing docs (Manifesto, Constitution) with the link on the NDC moderators frame?

  2. Do These bans/restrictions only apply to NDC telegram channels?

  3. What is the appeal procedure?

  4. Since the mods team reports to Transparency Commission, maybe we need to postpone the guidelines and launch TC first? We have a great Near Foundation mods team to enforce the forum and official social media, whereas the NDC mods team can focus on NDC channels.


I can sync with Blaze and some of the mods this week once I get it back from leadership and we can 100% work something out.


Hi @frado, @DammnThatsCrazy and @Dacha.
Thank you for the valuable feedback! Would love to see how we can collaborate more closely on this, please reach out to me on telegram as well: @J_Maenen.

The Community Guidelines, this enforcement mechanism and the feedback collection post have mostly been created in order to moderate the GWG Telegram and Discord groups. But I do want to chat with the forum mods to expand to this forum as well and see how we can align and work together on that.

To Dacha:

  1. The current mods are:
  • Rahul
  • Vikash
  • Psalm
  • Shubham/Albhion
    And yes, after collecting feedback on the forum and incorporating that, we can take a poll on our Telegram to further ratify the guidelines.
  1. Currently yes, but we’re looking to expand/collaborate on that.
  2. Sanctions imposed on community members will be documented in this forum post, along with a rationale for each disciplinary action taken. Banned members can appeal once by requesting a public vote in the Telegram Group. If more than 50% of the participants vote for the ban to be lifted, the member may rejoin the community. This process is open for discussion and subject to change, feel free to provide feedback.
  3. There is no time to wait for the TC to get live, the NDC needs moderation now.

Hope this clears things up.


Will get on this ASAP.


Can I or any NDC tg/discord groups members initiate the removal ? What is the procedure?

Have you checked my comments in the doc Community Guidelines / Code of Conduct - V3 - Google Docs yet?



Let’s schedule a call with NF, Aurora and NDC mods?

@zubairansari07 can you lead here please?


  1. Code of conduct: a strategy for the entire Ecosystem
  2. Community / Customer support / Dev Rel support
  3. Marketing / Community support

Removal on NDC Telegram/Discord group will be initiated by NDC Mods, not any group member. I just saw your comments in the doc, thank you for the input, we’ll get back to them after reviewing with the team.


I have seen some toxic comments and personal attacks in NDC chats. I believe the attacked people should be able to initiate the removal, not only the mods team.


Sure, I’ll get the contact of all NF, NDC Mods and setup a call with them.


According to the “Enforcing Community Guidelines “ I’m making a transparent report for a miscreant with the following information
Telegram username :@lukman0s
Mod enforced : @Psalmy
Platform where the violation occurred : NDC Governance WG
Action taken : First warning :warning:
Reasons for been sanctioned : violated the Constructive feedback even when he was warned severely and his action was causing disorderliness in the community by besmirching the image of other community members.

Would drop a screenshot to prove my statement :point_down:

This action is necessary to protect people’s feelings and reputation in the NDC’s Community and it’s advisable we all follow the Community guidelines and if you have an allegation against someone in the community feel free to make it clear and transparent by giving a Constructive feedback and provide concrete proof to back up your feedback.

We Are The Community


(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

Report on the Ban of User Coco Bamboo from NDC:

In one of NDC’s WGs, Coco Bamboo( @AlexAlomar) was banned on July 23.

Reason behind sanction: He engaged in multiple instances of personal attacks on NDC Contributors as well as consistently shown toxic and uncooperative attitude failing to have a lively communication in the community. Here’s an screenshot attached of violation.
Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 5.47.05 AM

Read More about NDC Community Guidelines: Community Guidelines, March 2023

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