Community Guidelines, March 2023

Code of Conduct Introduction

The NDC community is made up of an amazing array of individuals and projects from different cultures and backgrounds. We strive to maintain a welcoming and respectful community for all members.

Like any diverse community, it’s important there are rules in place to allow everyone to feel safe working towards building a decentralized future.

The NDC has worked on versions of Codes of Conduct before. However, the GWG wanted to simplify them in places, and also provide guidance for how the community might handle bad actors, so there’s a section on that below.

Perhaps most importantly, these guidelines should serve as a springboard for the community to gather around, and improve on with time.


Let’s think about language

In dealing with people all around the world, we have to be cautious of the use of language. Language can be filled with historical baggage that can be interpreted as harmful or offensive to others.

This can be related, but not limited to, age, gender, religious, racial, economic status, social background, health, or sex.

If language does cause offense, it’s important to acknowledge that and find ways of working past it. That might not be possible, but as a first port of call, we all need to hold ourselves and each other to account.

We’re not going to get it right the first time. But as a rule, the community endeavors to work towards understanding and acceptance.

No to violence

The NDC community abhors violence in any form, and it has collective power to eject anyone from the community that either incites or commits those acts themselves.

Don’t play the blame game

There’s a fine line between constructive criticism or feedback and attacks and or harassment. The community should endeavor to always be considerate of others when suggesting improvements, or discussing topics.

Providing repetitive criticism without showing intent to improve a situation, resolve a problem or help another person, is equal to complaining and considered toxic behavior. This will likely lead to defensive responses on the receiving end and is unlikely to lead to any valuable progress.

Lively conversations and feedback are essential to a healthy community. However, when this is not formulated in a constructive manner, moderators will intervene and forward the person providing the feedback to a sticky post on the forum. This can be found here.

This is where feedback can be formulated in a constructive manner, provided with the right inputs to move things forward. Moderators will moderate this post and flag any feedback to the appropriate individuals in order to address this feedback.

What happens when someone steps over the line

With any community, be it digital or IRL, there needs to be a way of escalating issues or removing bad actors.

The NDC Mods are enforcing a three strikes and you’re out rule. So if a member of the community has received three strikes from moderators, they will be ejected from the community.

Warnings and bans will be documented in a to-be-created sticky topic on the NDC gov forum. This can be found here. Documentation will consist of screenshot(s) of the offense and an explanation why a warning or ban is in place.

On special occasions, moderators hold the authority to ban users without warning if all mods unanimously agree that it is an appropriate penalty.

To make this enforceable, the NDC is currently exploring on-chain KYC toolkits that would make it difficult for ejected actors to re-enter the community using a different name.

Dispute resolution

Whenever a community member is banned for breaking the Community Guidelines, they can dispute this once by requesting a public vote in the Telegram Group. Once NDCs Proof-of-Personhood (i-am-human) is live, this will be conducted on the appropriate platform (NEAR Social) to counter Sybil attacks.

Evolving the code of conduct

This is a living document. This means that what is stated here will and can change, if the community deems it so.


Please @narau @PatriciaB @Roberta_abinader check this.


Thank you for your proposal.

Let’s add some more details:

  1. NDC mods team reports to Transparency Commission;

  2. Transparency Commission determines terms, remuneration, and list of requirements for the NDC mods team members;

I can’t entirely agree with the approach. We have a Transparency Commission for these purposes.

No, this is not working. Before removing anyone from the Community, the members should have a right to appeal to Transparency Commission. Only TC can make decisions about the removal.


this is very important, I think it is plausible to rectify and add the @Dacha replica.

“We have a Transparency Commission to the purposes.”


Great feedback. In the interim, the Transparency Commission does not exist. A workgroup has started to begin to discuss the process and procedures. I hope you will be a Champion there. We also need to bring voting online.

Regarding Mods, I wonder if it would be better to develop a new role. Mods enjoy being part of the community but shy away from enforcement in the setting of Telegram and Discord. The gov forum mods role is a bit different. We should discuss if they are one in the same or if we need more of a TC compliance officer (TCO) in chats that takes action that is aligned with the TC. That way, they can remain separate functions.

The right to appeal does make sense. So a process around this would be good. How many appeals if the conduct continues?

In the meantime, we can determine the process in the joint meeting scheduled. How shall we schedule the call?


This looks simple and well explained, let’s make NEAR great from our collective ideas.